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Learn Why A Gas Furnace Inspection Is Important For Your Family

The best time for a furnace repair is before your furnace breaks down. By having an inspection done each year on your gas furnace, you can sit back and relax all winter long. If there are any issues found during the inspection, they can be dealt with at that time. Otherwise, you may find yourself waking up to a cold house, and no one likes that.

Most repair issues can be avoided with a yearly gas furnace inspection. There are several areas an inspection will generally cover.

Blockage and Leakage

Both the vent system and drainage system should be checked for blocks or leaks. These should be checked both on the inside and the outside including the connections in and at the internal area of the furnace and the outside termination for the vent system. For the drainage system, the hoses, condensate drain and the trap need to be inspected.


It is important that the blower has an air tight seal where it connects to the gas furnace. If it doesn’t, you could be losing heat.

Heat Exchange and Burners

Both the heat exchange and burners should be checked. The heat exchanger needs to be free of corrosion and rust. The burners need to have their flame inspected as well as the ignition. Without working burners, you will have no heat when you need it the most.

Air Filter

While the air filter should be changed more often than annually, during the inspection it is a great time just to make sure it is clean and in good working order.

Connect With Jennings Heating And Cooling For Your Gas Furnace Inspection

No two companies inspect gas furnaces in exactly the same way, which is why you need to be sure to work with a company that knows its business. We have been inspecting furnaces since 1931. Our NATE Certified technicians are trained to inspect your gas furnace from top to bottom to ensure it is in good working condition for the winter.

If any issues are uncovered during the inspection, we can handle any repairs that might be necessary. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy until you are. It’s just that simple. In addition we can offer you the following:

  • State-of-the art technology to perform your inspection
  • Straight forward pricing
  • BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating
  • Over 80 years’ service

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The best time for a gas furnace inspection is before there is an issue. Contact us today to have one of our trained technicians come out and keep your family warm and safe all year long.


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