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The home that you bought had a furnace in it, at least, one would hope. And maybe it worked well for many years or was less than reliable right off the bat. Eventually though, you may conclude that you need a furnace replacement. There are several things that may convince you that the time is now.

No One Ever Walks in and Compliments You on Your Furnace

For the most part, the home’s heating system should be a quiet, unassuming unit, doing its job so well that no one really notices it at all. It is one of those things that you do not comment on unless there is a problem. All furnaces make some noises when they kick on, run and then kick back off, but the family that lives in the home typically become used to those sounds and never notice them anymore. But, if there are new noises or the furnace starts emitting funky smells, then they are noticed because there is a problem that must be dealt with.

Other signs of a potential problem with the furnace is constant neediness: if you are relighting the pilot light or resetting the manual reset switch, it is likely that you are looking at furnace repair. In the case of a very old furnace system, furnace replacement can be a much more logical and economical suggestion.

Is Your Furnace Big Enough for Your Home?

Another time to consider a furnace replacement is if you have recently built on to your home. While the original furnace may have worked well for the original home’s size, by increasing the area that needs to be heated, you increase the output the furnace must be capable of providing. That can put a serious strain on the mechanical aspects of the furnace and may hasten its eventual demise.

Making Sure that Your Home’s Furnace Is Going to Last Another Season

Jennings Heating and Cooling has worked in the Akron, Northeast Ohio area Since 1931 starting with coal furnaces and heating systems. Expert technicians are available through Jennings to not only evaluate your current home heating and cooling system but also to make recommendations that can include a possible furnace replacement if that is needed. Upfront pricing estimates take the surprise out of your final bill so that you can budget for the job, knowing that not only will you get expert and professional service at a good and fair price, but that your satisfaction is guaranteed as well.

If you are in need of a furnace replacement or other heating and cooling work or maintenance, it is important that you call someone that you can trust to do the work not only well but also quickly. Jennings Heating and Cooling has 24/7 hours available because emergencies seem to wait until businesses are closed to happen, and all trucks are stocked with thousands of common furnace parts so that the technician can fix your system on the spot.

Jennings is one of the largest heating and cooling companies in the state of Ohio and strives for excellent customer service for all of the people that they serve.  To better serve you, click here for more information about replacing a furnace.