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When the village of Richfield was founded, it was famous for rich and fruitful soil that produced an abundance for local residents. Today, it is known for beautiful autumns, warm and mild summers, and snowy winters. It is a perfect place to live if you want to experience all of the seasons and you enjoy the unique beauty that comes with each.

While the weather is often beautiful, there are times when it can drive you indoors. When this happens, you want the inside of your home to be the perfect temperature. This can be difficult to achieve without a good HVAC system, and it can also be expensive when your system has to constantly run just to keep up. That is where our services at Jennings Heating and Cooling come in. We are excited to offer preventative maintenance for your furnace that will not only make heating your home more affordable but will also increase your comfort on long, snowy evenings. 

What is Furnace Maintenance?

When you own a vehicle that you love, you know that you must invest some money into its upkeep. This means regular oil changes, occasional replacement of small components that are exhibiting wear and tear, and thorough cleaning inside and out to keep the carpets free from dirt and the paint free from rust. Your furnace is just as important as your vehicle, and it needs the same type of care. The filters should be regularly changed, internal and external components should be cleaned to keep dust and buildup away, and lubrication needs to be added to moving parts to keep them from wearing out.

Our preventative maintenance encompasses all of these important items and more. The goal is to make sure the system is safe by checking for gas leaks or electrical problems. We also want to keep your furnace running smoothly through replacements and adjustments and to ensure healthy air by getting rid of dust and dirt. Most appointments last less than two hours, but the benefits of keeping your system well-maintained can last for years. 

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Depending on how old your system is, it may struggle with efficiency. As your furnace ages, its energy efficiency decreases. If your system is so old that major components such as the blower motor are failing, it is probably best to purchase a new system. However, many other problems with efficiency can be solved by investing in maintenance every year for your furnace. 

When you maintain your furnace, you may notice other benefits in addition to efficiency such as more dependable operation with fewer repairs. Maintenance protects the whole system so that it doesn’t have a lot of downtime from malfunctions. Additionally, if you want to enjoy many years of reliable heat before having to replace your furnace, regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your heater, giving you a couple more years to save up for a new system.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, maintenance is the best way to prevent your warranty from being voided based on system neglect. Your warranty will cover most repairs that your system will need, but many of them also come with the stipulation that annual maintenance needs to be performed.

When Is It Time For Furnace Maintenance?

In general, it is a good idea to make sure your furnace gets some kind of preventative maintenance at least once per year. If it has been this long or longer since your last service, schedule an appointment right away, even if your system is not showing signs of needing service. Preventative maintenance is similar to a check-up with your doctor. It is primarily for healthy systems rather than broken ones, and should not be neglected just because you aren’t having any problems with reliably heating your home. Some issues can hide well and are only found during an inspection of the system.

Additionally, you can also schedule furnace maintenance any time you notice a lack of efficiency or an increase in your energy bills. It can also be a great step to take if you are suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. A dirty system can promote the recirculation of dirty air, causing the air quality to decrease in your home.

At Jennings, we know how important it is to keep Richfield homes warm and cozy during the winter. In addition to installing and repairing these systems, we also provide a wide array of maintenance services. To take advantage of these, call our office today. 

Furnace maintenance doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or money, but it is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself and to your system. You should always do your research before choosing a contractor for your furnace repair so that you can be sure you are getting comprehensive services. You should never have to pay an exorbitant price for your preventative maintenance and your furnace is always be getting the best care. Jennings is a trusted part of the community and we have had the honor to serve families in the area Since 1931. We offer the most detailed maintenance services in the area for an affordable price and our goal is to make sure your entire system is ready to run without problems as soon as winter arrives.

What is Furnace Maintenance?

Some people do not take advantage of maintenance services because, by nature, these services are performed when the system is not malfunctioning. However, the old saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t necessarily apply to HVAC systems. Preventative maintenance can be compared to essential automotive services such as oil changes and they greatly affect the function and long-term health of the furnace. Just as a car may need an engine replacement if the oil is not changed, your furnace will eventually need a major repair without regular service.

Maintenance or Repair?

If your system is running less efficiently, you may wonder if you need a repair or regular maintenance. Maintenance is generally scheduled at the same time every year so a good indication that your system is in need of a tune-up is if a year has gone by since your last appointment. A general decrease in the warmth and airflow of the system is also usually a sign that maintenance is needed. However, if there are other more serious signs such as loud noises, a lack of hot air, or the presence of carbon monoxide, call for immediate repair services. Never hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 team for questions regarding your system, remote assessments, and virtual quotes.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

You may have heard your HVAC technician strongly recommend preventative maintenance. This is more than just a plea for more business. At Jennings, we have the health of your system as well as your hard-earned money in mind when we make these recommendations. Tune-ups and inspections are a great way to save money because they keep breakdowns from occurring.

During our appointments, small problems are often identified which can be affordably repaired on the spot and which prevent the malfunction of major components such as the heat exchanger. Cleaning out the dirt, dust, and grime will enable the system to run more efficiently, which lowers monthly costs. Finally, you may be able to get a few more years out of your system than you were originally expecting because maintenance makes furnace systems last longer.

Jennings Rewards Club Membership

You may be wondering what the best way is to ensure that your furnace gets the maintenance it needs. While you can certainly make a note on your calendar and make an appointment every year, we offer other options as well to make maintenance effortless on your part. Our maintenance plans are a great way to delegate some of your home maintenance tasks and get them done at a more economical price.

When you sign up for our maintenance plans, your system will get free service every single year. Included in this are essential services such as cleaning and lubrication as well as filter changes, carbon monoxide checks, tightening of electrical connections, and more. We do our best to call and remind you when your service is due so that you don’t have to worry about remembering when you had it done last. Our Rewards Club also makes repairs and replacements more affordable by giving you discounts and credits towards these services. Our Rewards Club membership starts at $16 per month and can offer hundreds of dollars of savings every year.

Your furnace is just as important to us as it is to you. We care about the comfort of your family and the safety of your home, and it is our job to make sure our customers have every opportunity to provide their furnaces with the very best care. Our experienced technicians can take care of every type of system whether it was installed by us or not, and we guarantee a system that works better after we leave. Call Jennings for Parma furnace maintenance services today.

Springfield residents are used to seeing the temperature drop below freezing during the winter. This can be dangerous for your pipes and it can also be a hazard for your health if you do not have an adequate heating system. However, the good news is that if you have a furnace, there are many things that you can do to make sure it is functioning well even during the snow flurries and freezing temperatures that are sure to come this winter.

When looking for ways to take care of your furnace, start with preventative maintenance services at Jennings Heating and Cooling. This is an easy step that you can take, but it will provide lasting benefits. Continue reading for more information about this vital service.

Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Maintenance

If your furnace has started making loud noises or has stopped working altogether, you will need repair services. However, if your furnace is working fine but you want to ensure that it continues to do so, preventative maintenance services are probably exactly what you are looking for. These are the services that we perform for Springfield customers every year, generally before the winter, so that their furnace systems are clean, inspected, and ready for the cold.

The more that you invest in preventative maintenance, the longer your system is likely to last. The lifespan of your furnace is never guaranteed, but when properly maintained, you can expect your furnace to keep running for 20 years or more.

Even if your system has a long lifespan, it can become an annoyance if it is causing your bills to skyrocket or if it needs to be repaired every few weeks. Maintenance can also cut down on energy costs and make repairs much more of a rarity. This is well worth the investment as maintenance is cheaper than most repairs.

Preventative maintenance can also help our technicians to get to know your system so that when you do have a problem it will be a quick and easy process to find out what is wrong and get it fixed. As we perform maintenance, we will keep you informed about upcoming repairs and how much longer your system can be expected to last. This way, you can always be prepared for repairs and you can begin saving for a replacement so that it is not such a surprise expense.

What is Included in Our Maintenance Services?

When it comes to our maintenance services, there is no part of your furnace that is beyond our notice. We check every inch of your system and perform any adjustments that are needed. Our services include checking and changing the air filter, cleaning and adjusting blower parts, checking for gas leaks or high carbon monoxide levels, checking heating cycles, lubricating internal components, and more. Our technicians also provide 15-point inspections with full reports to help you better care for your system and provide it with the repairs that it needs.

Jennings Rewards Club

At Jennings, we have put together a smart maintenance plan that helps our Springfield customers give their furnace systems all of the essential services it needs without emptying their savings accounts. You can choose the plan that works with your budget and begin saving money right away. Our Silver Level Rewards Club Membership is $16 per month. With this plan, you will receive a free 15-point inspection each year for your furnace as well as priority scheduling and discounts for furnace repairs. Service fees are free for business hours repairs and $59 for emergency repairs, and when you sign up every month, you will get $100 every year to put towards a new furnace.

Our Gold Level Membership is $26 and gives you all of the benefits of the Silver Plan and more. You will get $200 each year towards a new system as well as a whole-house safety inspection, annual humidifier maintenance, and a media filter. Call us today and let us help you find the plan that best fits your HVAC system and situation.

Jennings has been Springfield’s most trusted HVAC service provider for many years. Our reputation has only strengthened over the years as we have worked hard to keep prices low and the quality of our services high. We hope that you join the thousands of other customers who have entrusted their furnace systems to us and call us for furnace maintenance services in the Springfield area. We are always happy to help.

If you are concerned about optimizing the efficiency of your furnace, helping it to last as long as possible, and reducing the number of repairs it will need during its lifetime, furnace maintenance services at Jennings will go a long way towards reaching this goal. Your furnace, like many other mechanical appliances, needs frequent care to maintain the condition it was in after being installed. However, maintenance does not have to be expensive, and we offer some of the most affordable services in the Cuyahoga Falls area. 

What Can I Expect During Routine Maintenance?

At Jennings, we have had 90 years to perfect our home maintenance services. We are proud of the quality of our services as well as the friendly customer service that defines each of our interactions. When you call us to schedule a maintenance appointment, you can expect to be treated with the utmost professionalism. We respect your time as well as your resources by working around your schedule and offering reasonable prices. 

You can count on us to arrive on time and fully prepared so that don’t’ take up much of your day. Maintenance appointments can usually be expected to last 90 minutes to two hours, and we will leave you to enjoy the improved efficiency and comforting warmth of your furnace. 

Maintenance is a way that we can check each component of your system for safety, functionality, and efficiency. The specific services that we perform will depend on whether you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace. In general, we check for gas leaks, pilot light safety, belt and motor function, burner flame function, and system cleanliness. As needed, we clean your heat exchanger, lubricate motor parts, clean vents, and replace your air filter. Your technician will make sure you understand the process and will answer any questions you have about the specific checks and adjustments being performed. 

Why is Maintenance Important? 

While every service we perform is designed to improve the lives of our customers, maintenance may be one of the most important services that we offer. This is because preventative maintenance protects our customers from some of the most negative aspects of furnace ownership such as emergency breakdowns, high energy bills, poor air quality, and early replacement. 

Preventative maintenance should ideally be done every year, and its positive effects will last throughout the cold season. You will enjoy improved efficiency which can be seen in both a lowering of your bills and the increased comfort of your home. Your system will be less likely to experience a major breakdown such as a gas valve or blower motor failure because these components will have been inspected, cleaned, and repaired as necessary. 

If preventative maintenance is performed faithfully every year, you will be able to enjoy many years of exceptional use from your system. The life of a furnace can be cut short by a lack of maintenance, but the opposite is true for a system that has been cared for. Finally, your warranty will be able to cover any minor repairs that your furnace will need over the years, but these repairs will not be covered if you have not taken the time to maintain it. Warranties are only valid for well-maintained systems.  

Scheduling Maintenance With Jennings

You may be tempted to perform furnace maintenance on your own to gain these benefits without having to spend more money. However, your furnace is a delicate system that requires a professional touch. Mistakes can be costly both for the negative effect they can have on your system and because they can endanger you and your family. 

To offset the expense of professional maintenance services, we offer our Rewards Club for our Cuyahoga Falls customers. This club is our one-stop-shop for HVAC preventative maintenance, inspections, tune-ups, and furnace replacements. You can save on all of your repairs and routine appointments, and we guarantee service within 24 hours of your call. Additionally, you can enjoy two 15-point inspections each year as well as reduced or waived services fees for all of our repair services.

At Jennings, you can always be sure that you are getting superior services for a reasonable price. Because furnace maintenance is so important, you must stay on top of it, especially before winter arrives. For dependable furnace maintenance in Cuyahoga Falls, call our team of licensed and NATE-certified technicians. We will make sure your furnace is clean, safe, and up to the task of keeping your family warm this winter.  

Your furnace is an essential item in your home, and once the cold starts descending on Copley, having no working heating source is not an option. What every home should have is a furnace that can be relied upon to heat the home quickly and safely without running continuously, racking up your heating bills, or leaving cold spots in your home. Unfortunately, not every furnace in Copley delivers this type of quality and affordable heat. We are on a mission to make furnaces in the area more efficient by providing furnace maintenance services in Copley.

Preparing for Winter with Jennings Furnace Maintenance

When winter is just around the corner, you may be busy preparing your home for the snow. You will be turning off and insulating your air conditioner, bringing out your snow shovels, and mowing your grass for the last time, but have you remembered to include furnace maintenance on your list of essential chores? We recommend that you get a jump start on having your furnace inspected. Leaving it until the weather is already cold can lead to a furnace failure early on in the season, or at the very least a couple of weeks of inefficient heat.

Scheduling furnace maintenance early will give you several advantages as you head into the winter. You will be able to enjoy efficient operation from day one, and you will have the peace of knowing that your furnace is not on the verge of a breakdown. Preventative maintenance is a good way to make sure that there is no buildup of grime that is inhibiting your system’s function and to check for any parts that need to be replaced. At Jennings, we will find anything in your system that is not working properly and adjust it for optimal performance.

By preparing your furnace for the winter, you will also be investing in your heater’s future. Preventative maintenance that is performed regularly leads to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. If you want to save money during your furnace’s life, paying a little each year for preventative maintenance is the most effective way to do this. We keep our maintenance prices low so that all of our customers can have access to them.

When is it Time for Preventative Maintenance?

There are many different furnace problems that, if caught and resolved early, can be easy and affordable to fix. Even if the problem that you are noticing doesn’t seem to be a big deal, calling our team to have your system inspected can save you from a big expense. Of course, scheduling a regular time for an inspection and keeping this appointment even if there seems to be nothing wrong with your furnace can also help to catch problems before they even become noticeable.

Any time can be a good time for preventative maintenance, but you should especially consider it if you have started to notice a decrease in the efficiency of your system. This could either come in the form of air that has started to feel less warm, a reduced amount of air coming from your vents, or a system that has to run for too long to heat the room. You may also notice a change in your bills which will begin to creep upwards as your system begins to struggle. Usually, efficiency problems can be fixed with a few adjustments by our technicians, so you should never hesitate to call and have us take a look.

Our Services at Jennings Heating and Cooling

Your home deserves the very best service that you can give it, but this doesn’t mean that you have to empty your savings account to achieve superior results. Rather than going with the cheapest option which can often give you a cheap product, the best plan is to research HVAC companies and find the one with a history of both honest business practices and high-quality work. Jennings has been around since 1931, and hundreds of our customers have given us positive feedback on our prices, services, and experienced technicians. We offer some of the best discounts on repairs and preventative maintenance through our Rewards Club. Become a member to get free HVAC inspections along with other benefits.

When it comes to your furnace, mediocre service is never okay. Because you depend on your furnace for safety and comfort during the winter months, you should also have a contractor that cares about your home as much as you do. Contact Jennings today for comprehensive and quality preventative maintenance services.

When the mornings start to feel colder and you begin to reach for a light jacket instead of sunscreen when you leave the house, it is time to turn on your furnace again. But how do you know that your furnace is ready to begin the difficult work of heating your home? The best way to be assured of the condition of your heater is to have your system inspected by one of our experienced technicians at Jennings Heating and Cooling. If you live in Kent and you have a furnace, let us take care of it through our preventative maintenance services.

What is Preventative Furnace Maintenance?

If you only see an HVAC technician when your furnace has broken down and is in need of repairs, you may be doing your system a disservice. While we are happy to be able to provide emergency furnace repair services, we are also eager to impress on each of our customers the importance of seeing us more often and in less urgent circumstances.

Preventative maintenance includes all services that are performed to help keep the system in good condition and prevent major breakdowns. This type of service can begin from the day you have your new furnace installed to the day that you have it replaced. After installation, every furnace should be checked at least once per year. Always check your warranty: preventative maintenance is almost always required for the warranty to remain valid.

What are the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is not simply another way to get money into the pockets of greedy HVAC companies. It is an essential service that provides many benefits to the homeowner. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are a locally-owned business, and we care about our customers. We see our preventative maintenance as the best way to make certain that our customers are not wasting money on repairs and replacements that they wouldn’t have needed otherwise.

The main benefit of maintenance is that it saves you money. When your system is in good condition, costly components such as your capacitor, draft inducer motor, and gas valve will be less likely to fail. A breakdown of any of these parts almost always means that the system will have to be replaced. Even if a replacement of your furnace is not necessary, you will still be paying for repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Additionally, you will be saving money every month, because a clean and well-lubricated furnace is always going to run more efficiently than one that has to struggle against a build-up of dust and debris.

In addition to extending your furnace’s lifespan and making repairs less frequent, a unit that has been maintained will contribute to the quality of the air in your home. Any dust that ends up in or around your furnace has the chance to recirculate through your home. No one wants dust, allergens, or mold blowing from the vents, which is why we thoroughly clean your system every time you schedule a tune-up.

Our Rewards Club: The Best Way to Maintain Your Furnace

If you have difficulty remembering to schedule your furnace maintenance, or you want to find a way to save on this and other services, we suggest becoming a member of our Jennings Rewards Club. Members pay $16-$26 per month, and in return, they receive discounts on HVAC repairs, credits for new HVAC and water heater systems, priority services, and two free tune-ups every year. These are just a few of the benefits that you receive by becoming a member.

Why Jennings Heating and Cooling?

Jennings Heating and Cooling is a unique HVAC company in Kent. Our business started as a coal company in 1931, but it has since evolved into a company that provides heating, cooling, and electrical services throughout Northern Ohio. We are no strangers to changing with the times which makes us a forerunner in our industry. We are always up to date on the newest technologies and methods, and we pass on the benefits of these new developments to our customers through exceptional services and affordable prices.

We are proud of each member of our team. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified, and they also demonstrate a high standard of integrity by taking the time to listen to customers and caring for every home they enter.

If you want to be sure, give us a call today. We promise to provide the best furnace tune-ups and maintenance in the Kent area.

In the world of furnace repair and maintenance, if it’s not broken it may not need to be fixed, but you should still be scheduling service for it. Even if your system seems to be working just fine, you could be putting it on the path to having to be replaced by neglecting regular service. At Jennings, we have found that the systems that are meticulously cared for are also the systems that give back to their owners over time by lasting longer and working better. If you live in Canton, we have quality maintenance services in your area.

What is Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance is the routine inspections and tune-ups that are done on your system in between repairs. They are similar to a check-up at your doctor’s office in that they are designed for healthy units rather than sick ones to make sure that they are still in good condition. If there is anything in the system that requires service, our technicians at Jennings will find it, restore your furnace, and get it working at peak performance again.

What is Included?

A system inspection is a good way to find out more about the condition of your furnace, how old the system is, and how long it can be expected to last. This can be very good information for you if you are in the process of purchasing a home, but it can also be helpful at any other time in the life of your furnace. A tune-up is comprehensive maintenance that involves an inspection, cleaning, and adjustments for your whole furnace system.

During a tune-up, your technician will check the voltage and electrical connections of the system to ensure electrical safety. They will inspect the fan belt and adjust it as necessary, check gas pressure if you have a gas furnace, test the exhaust, lubricate mechanical parts such as the motor bearings, check and clean the heat exchanger, check the pilot light or ignition system, make sure the thermostat is in good condition, replace the filter and clean the system inside and out.

How Often is Maintenance Needed?

Your furnace will benefit from a tune-up at any time of the year and as frequently as you want. However, at Jennings, we usually recommend that our Canton customers schedule them as follows:

  • A Minimum of Once Per Year- If you are waiting more than one year in between tune-ups, you may be putting your furnace at greater risk for breakdowns, 
  • In the Fall- If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your preventative maintenance, schedule it right before the cold weather comes. This will help your furnace to be efficient and reliable for the whole winter, and it will help to clear away any of the dust that settled on your system during the summer.

How Can You Benefit from Furnace Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is not a ploy by HVAC companies to get you to spend more money. In fact, it will save you money by reducing the number of times that you have to call for a repair. Many furnace repairs are far more expensive than a yearly tune-up, and they can happen more and more frequently the longer you neglect to have your system serviced. Furnaces with a history of yearly tune-ups also heat the home much more efficiently, leading to hundreds of dollars of savings over time.

Preventative maintenance is also a great way to get to know your HVAC technician, and for your technician to get to know your system. When your technician is familiar with your furnace, repairs will be much easier and straightforward, and you will have the peace of knowing exactly who to call when something goes wrong with your furnace.

Maintenance Pricing

Because it is so important to have your system inspected and adjusted every year, we have made our tune-ups complimentary with a Rewards Club membership. For $16 per month, you can schedule a fall tune-up for your furnace, and one for your air conditioner during the spring as well. Free maintenance is not the only thing you receive with a membership plan. You will also get a discount on all of your HVAC repairs, reduced service fees, guaranteed service within 24-hours, and much more.

Your furnace can only take care of you and warm your Canton home when you are putting in the time and effort needed to take care of it. The most effective and economical way to care for your furnace is to schedule maintenance every year. If you need an inspection for your furnace or a regular tune-up, call Jennings Heating and Cooling today.


When the summer heat in Hudson, OH, begins to be replaced by a cold breeze and frosty mornings, you may start to think about your furnace again. Unfortunately, sitting idle for the summer can sometimes affect your furnace, and this plus years of working faithfully to heat your home can lead to eventual breakdowns. Preventative maintenance with Jennings Heating and Cooling is one of the best ways to give your system the care it deserves without draining your savings account.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

If you ask any collector of valuable cars, they will tell you that it is important to drive the car occasionally to allow all of the moving parts to stay lubricated. The same principle can be applied to your furnace, but running your furnace when it is 90℉ outside is unfortunately not a possibility. Instead, there are other steps you can take to make sure your furnace is ready to go before winter comes. Preventative maintenance is the best way to get it ready for the change of seasons while keeping costs low.

As part of your preventative maintenance, a professional HVAC technician will come to your home and inspect the system regularly. They will replace any parts that have worn out, clean anything that has become dirty while sitting idle and check to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently. This should be done once per year at a minimum, but many of our customers schedule maintenance twice per year. It is always a good idea to reference the warranty that you have from the manufacturer to see how often service is required for your warranty to remain valid.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Preventative maintenance is more than a bonus service that you schedule only when you have extra money. It should be a priority on your home maintenance list because of how much money it could save you over time. Although not every repair can be prevented through regular maintenance, it can certainly go a long way in helping keep these problems to a minimum. If anything is close to breaking down, we usually find it during a routine appointment and we can fix it so that it doesn’t cause more serious problems.

When all of the parts of your furnace are working harmoniously, there is going to be less wear and tear on your system. One benefit of this is that your system may last many years longer than it would have without periodic lubrication and repair. This is one of the biggest reasons that your warranty will require regular service appointments. The manufacturer is unlikely to cover a repair if the system has been neglected, even if it is a clear case of a defective part.

One of the biggest benefits of preventative maintenance is the fact that it greatly enhances your system’s ability to heat your home efficiently. If left to its own devices, your furnace will run less efficiently every year until you are having to pay an exorbitant amount just to keep your home comfortable. Your furnace, meanwhile, will be running nonstop to achieve the desired temperature, and this will inevitably lead to a breakdown. Both your gas and electric bill and repair costs will stay much lower with regular furnace maintenance.

Our Maintenance Plans

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we offer several different maintenance plans to help homeowners in the Hudson area stay on top of furnace tune-ups. Our maintenance plans are a great investment because they include free tune-ups as well as many other discounts and benefits. They are the most affordable way to service your HVAC system.

Our plans start at $16 per month. With an annual membership, you receive 2 free 15 point inspections, reduced service fees for emergency repairs, no service fees for repairs during regular hours, rapid first-in-line service, extended warranties on repairs and thermostat replacement, and up to $2,000 in credits towards a new furnace. You can talk to a technician for detailed information about our Silver and Gold Level plans.

Furnace Maintenance at Jennings Heating and Cooling

We have been serving the Hudson area since 1931. What began as a coal company has blossomed into a full-service HVAC repair and installation company. Our goal has always been to be the best in our industry while keeping exceptional customer service as our foundation. We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve families in our community and to make their homes a comfortable retreat. Call us today to schedule service for your furnace.

Nothing is more frustrating than losing heat in the middle of a winter snowstorm. Akron, Ohio, based Jennings Heating and Cooling can get you up and running again, but why put your family in danger if you can avoid it? Our Rewards Club ensures that our technicians visit regularly for preventative maintenance.

Services We Offer

  • 24 Hour emergency service
    You never know when your heat or air will completely stop functioning. It is usually at the worst possible time, and we understand that. That is why we are on call 24 hours a day to handle your emergency and get you up and running again.
  • Furnace installation and repair
    Whether you need to make your furnace run better or replace it with a new one, we can help you find the most cost effective solution for your needs.
  • Scheduled service checks
    Although you can’t plan for everything, you can minimize your temperature comfort equipment downtime. Inspections can prevent many problems during peak usage periods. Our technicians are trained to look for common problems in their beginning stages in order to optimize your uptime.
  • Repair of older existing equipment
    Our technicians have experience on all brands and styles of furnaces and air conditioning units. We are glad to service your equipment even if you didn’t buy it from us.
  • Cost-benefits analysis to reduce energy bills
    We can run an analysis for you on the energy consumption of your existing heating and cooling equipment and your current energy bills to let you know when it will be optimal to update to a more energy efficient unit.
  • Up-front pricing
    At Jennings, there is never any guesswork on your finances. We have a patented “Straight Forward Pricing Guide”, so you know what the price is before we start the job. We never charge by the hour.


You can prevent an untimely breakdown with an annual furnace check from a Jennings expert. During the inspection, our qualified technicians will thoroughly examine your furnace for signs of wear and tear, dirty or broken mechanics, and minor repairs. Fixing these can help increase functionality and efficiency of your unit all winter long, plus decrease the chance of your heat tapping out when you need it the most.

When you call us for a furnace check this fall, you will:

  • Receive professional service on your furnace.
  • Stay ahead of any minor or major repair needs.
  • Keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible.
  • Receive updates on future replacement needs.
  • Know the status of your furnace for the winter season.
  • Keep the unit clean and running as safe as possible.
  • Save on heating costs.
  • Decrease chance of a total breakdown in the middle of winter.
  • Avoid numerous repairs over the lifetime of your unit.

A typical furnace will last about 20 years with regular care and attention. Like your car, it needs an annual check at minimum to remain reliable.

Between service checks, you can play a role in your furnace’s health and wellbeing by regularly replacing the air filters, inspecting the color of the pilot light, and calling us right away when anything seems amiss. An orange or red pilot light indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, which should be taken seriously to avoid illness or injury. Any odd smells, strange noises during operation, and lack of functioning should be immediately handled by a professional to preserve the unit.

The efficiency of your furnace will decrease over time. The question is, how fast will it decrease? A yearly tune-up from our professionals can slow the loss and help you avoid a total replacement for as long as possible, not to mention cost you less on your monthly heating bills. Schedule a maintenance check with us today and enjoy the benefits all winter.

Why Jennings?

1. Our history
Jennings has been in business since 1931. We were started by the Jennings brothers as a coal company. Since then, many things have changed. We have grown into a full-service air conditioning and heating company. As the industry changed, we changed with it. We have a lot of history repairing all kinds of heating and air conditioning units. Today we continue to provide the best service for all brands and types of heating and cooling equipment.

2. Our certification and training
Our technicians are NATE Certified to diagnose and repair existing systems as well as install new equipment. Each one has undergone many hours of initial training as well as on-going training programs to keep up-to-date with current technology. Understanding the problem and knowing how to solve it is key to a good repair visit.

3. State-of-the-art
Our technicians have the latest and best testing equipment. This enables them to diagnose and repair your existing heating and cooling equipment faster and more accurately. They are trained how to use this equipment and on all the new products available for installation.

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Have you scheduled your furnace maintenance yet? It’s not something that you spend a lot of time thinking about, is it? But, as important as your furnace is to the comfort of your family, shouldn’t you spend more time in keeping it running correctly? Most of the time, the furnace is only noticed when there is a problem and then there is a major panic, but if you practice proper maintenance on it, you can make sure that it is running correctly for the entire heating season and for many years to come. (more…)