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It doesn’t take long for a power outage to start taking a toll on your home and your family. Protect them both with a permanently installed Briggs & Stratton whole-house generator from Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electric.

As Akron and one of the nation top dealers of generators, we have them in stock and in your configuration now!

Our whole-house generator installation services in Akron & the Northeast Ohio area can help to ensure that you’ll never be left in the dark. When an outage occurs, your backup generator will start right up and instantly restore power to your home. That means no spoiled food, no burst pipes, no lack of heating or cooling, and no flooding due to an unpowered sump pump. When you’re ready to keep your home protected with a whole-house generator, just give us a call. 

Is Backup Power Necessary?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not your home could benefit from a whole-house generator installation, take a look at the following advantages of having backup power in the event of an outage.

Never Lose Heating or Cooling Due to Loss of Power

The first thing you might notice when the power goes out is the loss of your heating or cooling. It’s always inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it can also be extremely dangerous if weather conditions are harsh enough. Loss of heating or cooling for just four hours is enough to elevate the risk of heat exhaustion or hypothermia in both children and the elderly. A power outage will never affect your ability to heat or cool your home with a backup generator.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

The heating system in your home is also responsible for preventing your pipes from freezing over. If frozen pipe bursts, the resulting damage can be somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars. A backup generator installation will keep your heat running and your pipes from freezing in the event of a power outage, meaning you don’t have to worry about costly damages or loss of property.

Prevent Basement Flooding

Burst pipes aren’t the only way a power outage can lead to flooding in your home; a power outage will also stop your sump pump from working, which can cause some serious flooding issues. The solution to that issue is simple一whole-house generator installation from Jennings Heating, Cooling, and Electric.

Avoid Spoiled  Food

The food in both your fridge and your freezer will start to go bad only 24 hours after a power outage. It’s not only a shame to waste all of that food, but it’s also incredibly costly. One month’s worth of food is around $800 for the average family. That is just one example of how a whole-house generator installation can actually save you money.

Keep Your Home and Family Protected

With the power down, your home is less protected, and your family is less safe. Recent reports found that criminal activity is at least 23% more likely during an extended blackout. A whole-home generator ensures that criminals are never allowed the opportunity to take advantage of the weakened defenses that homes experience during power outages.   

Keep Home Medical Devices Powered

If you or a loved one who lives with you requires any sort of electric-powered medical equipment, such as an oxygen machine, a C-PAP machine, or any kind of monitor, please pay attention. You run the risk of a medical emergency in the event that there is a power outage and you don’t have a backup generator.

How Do I Know Which Whole-House Generator Is Best for Me?

In order to choose the perfect backup generator for your house, you need to consider the size of your home, your power needs, your personal needs, and your budget. While it’s not an overly complicated process, it’s always best to speak with a professional before committing to a purchase. We can inspect your home and assess your needs in order to determine which of our generators is best for you. Then, we’ll go over the cost of the unit and the generator installation cost to find something within your budget. “Generator installation near me” is just a phone call away to Jennings!

If you want the ultimate in premium protection and efficiency in your whole-house generator, we suggest you consider Briggs & Stratton’s exclusive line of backup generators, FORTRESS™. They offer the industry’s longest parts, labor, and travel six-year limited warranty and come standard with an oil warmer so that your generator is always ready to go, even when the winter temperatures are at their coldest. If you’re looking for the best whole home generator sales in Akron and Northeast Ohio, just contact us!

Generator Repair Near Me

If you’re in Akron or Northeast Ohio and need in stock whole-house generators, installation, or generator repair, Jennings Heating Cooling and Electric is here to help. Contact us online or call toll-free today.





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