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New Electric PanelWe are asking you to break up with your panels! They don’t need a Dear John letter – just give it to them straight. There’s no time for the – it’s not you, it’s me – speech! Up to one in four FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) panels have faulty breakers. It’s better this way – you never got flowers or chocolates or a romantic ride around the city at night. We encourage you to say goodbye, and here’s why:

  • Most home insurance companies won’t insure your home with an FPE panel
  • They can cause electrical fires
  • They contain defective Stab-Lok circuit breakers
  • A short circuit can damage your system without you knowing
  • Almost 3k house fires are caused each year because of the FPE panels

You may not even know if you have Federal Pacific Electric panels! The FPE panel quality is and always has been inferior. There have been serious problems reported, such as:

  • Arcing at the bus
  • Breakers remain active in OFF position
  • Breakers trip by removing the front cover
  • Breakers don’t stay tightly connected to the bus bar
  • Crowded wires in the panel box

Here’s how you can determine what type you have:

  • Look for a name label or logo on the front of the panel door or inside the door near the labels for your circuits
  • The label (sticker) is bright red
  • The Stab-Lok label will be close to the side or in the center indicating those were used in your FPE panel

Circuit breakers are one of the most important safeguards in your home. The breakers inside your panel keep your home from having serious electrical issues. They are designed to trip (shut down) if there is an overload, a short circuit, or an external power surge. It’s your electrical system’s defense against overheating and catching fire. Old panels can be faulty and faulty panels cannot be a defense – they are a hazard. Even if you discover your panel is not an FPE panel (generally in homes built between 1950 – 1990) getting an updated replacement is wise and recommended by us. Getting your electrical system inspected every few years means avoiding catastrophe – we can’t promise it will avoid another breakup – we’re not exactly relationship counselors! Don’t wait around for that unexpected circuit breaker failure!

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