Jennings Heating and Cooling offer a variety of services to take care of your every electrical need. Our fully licensed and highly trained technicians are ready and able to tackle any job, big or small. Whether you need an outlet replaced or your whole home rewired, we’ve got you covered. Our complete home electrical and generator services include: 

Home Generator Installation

Protect your home from power outages with a whole-house Briggs & Stratton generator. In addition to generator installation, Jennings Heating and Cooling also offer generator repair services.

Wiring and Rewiring

Get your entertainment center, hot tub, or an entire house wired safely, reliably, and affordably with Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our certified technicians are experienced in wiring jobs of all kinds.

Electric Panel Upgrades

If the lights in your home always flicker, fuses constantly blow, or your breaker frequently trips, you’re probably in need of an electric panel upgrade. With Jennings Heating and Cooling services, you won’t just avoid all of these annoying issues. You’ll also make your home significantly safer.

New or Replacement Outlet Installation

When your home needs a new outlet installed, or when an old outlet needs to be replaced, we can provide you with safe and dependable services. We offer GFCI outlet installation, which protects you against electrical shock and helps your home meet building code standards.

Data Cabling for High-Speed Internet

Whether you work from home, love to game, or just appreciate lightning-fast Internet service, we can provide you with the cabling to meet your needs.

Circuit Diagnostic

When you’re having an electrical issue in your home, Jennings Heating and Cooling will run diagnostic tests to determine which circuit is causing the issue. Then we can provide practical, effective solutions to the problem.

Installation of Pool Pump Circuits

Installing a pool in your backyard? You’re going to need to run electrical wiring to power your pool pump. We can install a brand-new circuit for your pump, and you’ll be relaxing in that clear blue water in no time. 

Outdoor Overhead Service Installation

When you’re looking to install an electrical service mast on your property, Jennings Heating and Cooling is the company to call.

Lighting Upgrades and Installations

Let Jennings Heating and Cooling light your home! We offer landscape lighting installations, recessed lighting installations, and much more. Whether you’re looking to install brand-new lighting, or you want to upgrade your existing lighting, our licensed electricians can get the job done.

Surge Protection

Lightning strikes, grid malfunctions, and power outages can send a voltage spike throughout your home, destroying your electronics and potentially causing an electrical fire. We offer whole-house surge protection to help ensure that your home is not susceptible to this kind of disaster.

Inspection and Maintenance

We recommend that you have a licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection on your home every three to five years. With our inspection services, you can be certain that our experts will eliminate any electrical hazards in your home. You’ll also rest assured all of the electrical fixtures in your home are safe to use. 

We even offer electrical repair and electrical maintenance services to keep your lights on, your appliances running, and your home safe at all times.

Installation of Pool Heating Circuits and Gas Lines

Few things are more luxurious than a heated pool in your own backyard, but heating that pool is no simple task. Fortunately, Jennings Heating and Cooling has the knowledge and the expertise to install both pool heating circuits and gas lines. All you have to do is pick up the phone!

Hot Tub Circuits

In order to power your hot tub, you’ll need a dedicated circuit with its own fuse breaker. Jennings Heating and Cooling can get your hot tub safely wired up with the proper amperage in no time.

Underground Circuits

Trying to run electrical wiring outdoors? You’re going to need to protect it from the elements and other hazards. The best way to do this is to run it underground, and we can help you get it done!

Where Can I Find the Best Electricians Near Me?

When you require electrical services inside or outside your home, Jennings Heating and Cooling has you covered! Contact us online or call toll-free today.


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