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When was your electrical panel last inspected? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s been quite some time, or maybe you have yet to. But what exactly does an electrical panel do, and why should you be concerned about having it inspected? At Jennings Heating, we are here to answer your questions, and we have put together a few reasons why upgrading your breaker box may be essential for ensuring that your home stays safe for years to come:

As your breaker box gets older, the risk of malfunction increases.

Your breaker box is the base of your home’s electrical system, which distributes power from the main service panel to the various circuits in your home. Your breaker box is also a safety feature that protects you from electrical fires by providing a place to cut off the flow of electricity when there’s an issue with one of your devices or outlets. Over time, however, these breakers can wear out and may need to be replaced.

When choosing an electrician to replace these worn-out breakers, ensure they have experience working with older homes. Many older homes have outdated wiring that requires special attention during installation so everything runs smoothly again. Here in Akron, Ohio, the technicians at Jennings Heating are experts in all kinds of electrical and are ready to help you ensure your home remains safe.

Your home’s current electrical demands will likely increase over time.

Your home’s current electrical demands will likely increase over time. The average number of appliances in a home is continually increasing, as are the sizes of those appliances. This means the number of electronics such as televisions, gaming consoles, and computers may have grown substantially since you purchased your home.

A qualified electrician, such as those at Jennings Heating, should perform an inspection every three to five years to ensure that these increased power needs can be accommodated safely by your electrical panel and breakers with little risk of failure or fire hazard.

The inspection will check the condition of your electrical panel and circuit breakers and any wiring issues that may have developed since it was last inspected. In addition, the electrician will determine if your home’s electrical needs have changed and whether any upgrades are necessary to meet those needs.

New GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) breakers are safer than old-style breakers.

If you’re considering installing a new electrical panel, you will want to replace or upgrade your GFCI and AFCI breakers. Newer versions of these protective devices are more stable than older ones, reducing the risk of power surges and increasing your appliance’s lifespan.

The newest generation of ground fault interrupters (GFCI) protects people from electrical shock by shutting off power within seconds if they sense even a slight change in current flow through their bodies: that means no more getting zapped by wet hands while fumbling around behind old home electronics! The newer arc fault interrupters (AFCI) will also shut down power automatically should there be any “arc” between two different pieces of metal—which can lead to fire hazards if not detected quickly enough–but this type is specifically targeted at preventing fires caused by faulty appliances such as space heaters and flat irons that use small amounts of electricity but produce large amounts heat over time.

In most cities, such as Akron, OH, it is in the building code for your home to be adequately outfitted with GFCI and AFCI protection. The professionals here at Jennings Heating will be happy to advise you on getting your home up to code. You can look at our electrical services here and see how we can further assist you.

An electrical panel upgrade is essential when you notice problems, such as flickering lights or electrical shock when using appliances in your home.

Whether you’ve noticed flickering lights or an electrical shock when using appliances in your home, consider replacing the electrical panel. This can be dangerous for you and your family if not addressed quickly because it could result in a fire or electrocution. An electrical panel upgrade is essential when you notice problems such as these.

Electrical panels should be regularly inspected by professionals who will identify any issues and recommend solutions to fix them before they become serious problems that could cause injury or damage to property. It’s best to have the work done by licensed electricians so that everything is done correctly, which makes it easy for homeowners like yourself who want nothing more than peace of mind when it comes time for them to turn on their lights every night after work!


If you notice any problems with the electrical wiring in your home, it may be time to have a new electrical panel installed or at least contact Jennings Heating to ensure that you are safe. Don’t wait until it’s too late—and don’t settle for anything less than the best; contact us today.