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Your water heater may be out of sight, but it was never meant to continue running without occasional care and maintenance. Jennings Heating and Cooling is your local resource for water heater repairs as well as HVAC and electrical services.

When to Call Jennings

You should make inspections of your system part of your monthly routine so that you can catch problems early and give Jennings a call before the situation deteriorates. Here are some of the most crucial things to look out for as you look at your water heater. 

Leaks: If your water heater develops a leak, you will be able to see signs of water stains, moisture on the floor or sides of the system, and evidence of rusting on the tank or its connections. Any water pooling around the system should be an immediate cause for concern. Although some moisture may simply be a result of harmless condensation, you don’t want to take the risk of damaging your home by neglecting a potential leak. 

Problems with the Temperature: Water that is consistently not warm enough can usually be fixed quite easily by adjusting the temperature on your system’s thermostat. Aim for a temperature of around 120 degrees, or a little cooler if you have young children. If your water is hot sometimes and cold at others, you may have a problem with your pressure-balancing valve or dip tube, or your system may need to be flushed of mineral deposits. 

Your Water is the Wrong Color: If your water is dirty instead of clear, you may have a leak in your main water line. However, if it is rust-colored, the problem may be in your water heater. Corrosion on the inside of your tank as a result of sediment or a worn-out anode rod could be the culprit. To avoid this problem, have your anode rod replaced every few years and have Jennings flush your tank annually. 

Loud Noises: If you hear a few sounds coming from your water heater, there is probably no need to panic. However, loud sounds that you have never heard before should be investigated by our team at Jennings. A broken dip tube can cause hot and cold air to come together, resulting in loud sounds, and a bubbling sound could indicate overheating or too much pressure in the tank. While safety features such as the pressure relief valve are there to protect you, you should still have us investigate and fix the cause. 

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

If you own a tankless water heater, your repair needs will be much different than those of someone with a standard tank system. Tankless water heaters can develop broken heating elements, gas burner failures, sediment buildup, and more. We are experts at repairing tankless water heaters, so you are always in good hands with Jennings. Your tankless water heater needs service if it is producing cloudy, dirty, smell, or foul-tasting water. If it is making clanking or booming sounds, or if the temperature and water pressure is not ideal, this is also a good time to call us.

Emergency Repair Services

When your water heater suddenly malfunctions, it can cause you to feel immobilized. We use hot water for many things and a breakdown can interrupt your day. Our 24/7 emergency services are here for the times when regular service is not fast enough. Call our team if you smell gas, your water heater is leaking, your water is rust-colored, or you have no hot water. We will dispatch a team that is prepared with parts and tools to fix your water heater as quickly as possible. 

Why Choose Jennings?

At Jennings, we have made every preparation to make our services the fastest and most efficient in the area. We are proud to have a local warehouse where we keep thousands of parts on hand for water heater, HVAC, and electrical repairs. The most important of these are kept on our trucks as well, ready for when you call with an urgent repair need. This means that we won’t waste precious time trying to track down the materials we need when you are having to go without hot water. 

The 90 years that we have been in business have given us thankfulness for the wonderful community that we serve as well as the expertise to do a good job. At Jennings, we care about our customers and this translates to excellent prices, service without delay, and quality results. For water heater repairs in Cuyahoga Falls that you can trust, reach out to your friends at Jennings Heating and Cooling Co.


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