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If you are concerned about optimizing the efficiency of your furnace, helping it to last as long as possible, and reducing the number of repairs it will need during its lifetime, furnace maintenance services at Jennings will go a long way towards reaching this goal. Your furnace, like many other mechanical appliances, needs frequent care to maintain the condition it was in after being installed. However, maintenance does not have to be expensive, and we offer some of the most affordable services in the Cuyahoga Falls area. 

What Can I Expect During Routine Maintenance?

At Jennings, we have had 90 years to perfect our home maintenance services. We are proud of the quality of our services as well as the friendly customer service that defines each of our interactions. When you call us to schedule a maintenance appointment, you can expect to be treated with the utmost professionalism. We respect your time as well as your resources by working around your schedule and offering reasonable prices. 

You can count on us to arrive on time and fully prepared so that don’t’ take up much of your day. Maintenance appointments can usually be expected to last 90 minutes to two hours, and we will leave you to enjoy the improved efficiency and comforting warmth of your furnace. 

Maintenance is a way that we can check each component of your system for safety, functionality, and efficiency. The specific services that we perform will depend on whether you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace. In general, we check for gas leaks, pilot light safety, belt and motor function, burner flame function, and system cleanliness. As needed, we clean your heat exchanger, lubricate motor parts, clean vents, and replace your air filter. Your technician will make sure you understand the process and will answer any questions you have about the specific checks and adjustments being performed. 

Why is Maintenance Important? 

While every service we perform is designed to improve the lives of our customers, maintenance may be one of the most important services that we offer. This is because preventative maintenance protects our customers from some of the most negative aspects of furnace ownership such as emergency breakdowns, high energy bills, poor air quality, and early replacement. 

Preventative maintenance should ideally be done every year, and its positive effects will last throughout the cold season. You will enjoy improved efficiency which can be seen in both a lowering of your bills and the increased comfort of your home. Your system will be less likely to experience a major breakdown such as a gas valve or blower motor failure because these components will have been inspected, cleaned, and repaired as necessary. 

If preventative maintenance is performed faithfully every year, you will be able to enjoy many years of exceptional use from your system. The life of a furnace can be cut short by a lack of maintenance, but the opposite is true for a system that has been cared for. Finally, your warranty will be able to cover any minor repairs that your furnace will need over the years, but these repairs will not be covered if you have not taken the time to maintain it. Warranties are only valid for well-maintained systems.  

Scheduling Maintenance With Jennings

You may be tempted to perform furnace maintenance on your own to gain these benefits without having to spend more money. However, your furnace is a delicate system that requires a professional touch. Mistakes can be costly both for the negative effect they can have on your system and because they can endanger you and your family. 

To offset the expense of professional maintenance services, we offer our Rewards Club for our Cuyahoga Falls customers. This club is our one-stop-shop for HVAC preventative maintenance, inspections, tune-ups, and furnace replacements. You can save on all of your repairs and routine appointments, and we guarantee service within 24 hours of your call. Additionally, you can enjoy two 15-point inspections each year as well as reduced or waived services fees for all of our repair services.

At Jennings, you can always be sure that you are getting superior services for a reasonable price. Because furnace maintenance is so important, you must stay on top of it, especially before winter arrives. For dependable furnace maintenance in Cuyahoga Falls, call our team of licensed and NATE-certified technicians. We will make sure your furnace is clean, safe, and up to the task of keeping your family warm this winter.  


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