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After the long, warm evenings of summer fade and rain starts to turn to snow during the night, you can be sure that you will need your furnace soon. While September and October in Cuyahoga Falls still have plenty of fair and sunny days, this is a perfect time to have your system inspected to make sure you do not need a furnace replacement. It is better to get a head start on your furnace installation than have to make decisions in the middle of a snowstorm when your old furnace fails. At Jennings, we will help you decide when the time is right to replace your system, and we can guide you through the process of choosing a new furnace.

Knowing the Signs that You Need a Furnace Installation

The first thing you should do this fall is to check your records and refresh your memory as to how old your system is. Has it been only 10 years since your furnace has been installed, or has it been closer to 20? This will give you a clue as to what to expect from your system this winter. If it is over 15 years old, this may be the year to consider a replacement. 

Next, review the maintenance history of your system. Has it been maintained from the beginning, or has it been several years since its last tune-up? Well-preserved systems will last longer, and if your HVAC technician gave you a good report last year, you will probably not need to have a new one installed. 

However, if you turn on your furnace and it is making loud noises, a bad smell is present for more than just a few seconds, the furnace does not warm up your home well, or it doesn’t seem to be cycling on and off when it should be, these are some early indications that your system is on its way out. You can also review your energy bills to see if they have been rising.

Finding the Right Solutions Since 1931

Cuyahoga Falls residents enjoy mild summers and magical snowy winters, but there are downsides to living in the climate as well. Winters can be cold, and the humidity can make it feel colder. Keeping all of this in mind, we have perfected the process of helping customers choose the right furnaces for their homes. 

Finding the right-sized furnace to install is a delicate science with many different things to investigate. We start by surveying your living space. We consider the square footage of the space as well as the location of your home, the direction it faces, the size and number of windows in the home, and how well it is insulated. Once this is done, we can recommend a furnace that will be big enough to heat the home without being larger than the space requires.

If one of your reasons for installing a new furnace is that you want to improve the efficiency of your home, there are many highly efficient options on the market to choose from. You will want a furnace with an AFUE rating of at least 95%, and there are systems available that have an AFUE rating of up to 100%. Electric furnaces are usually the most expensive to run, but they are a good choice if preventing heat loss is the main concern. 

Installation Services at Jennings

In 1931, our doors opened for the first time to customers in Northeast Ohio. We started as a coal company, and while we have evolved over the years to meet changing demands, our passion for bringing comfort and warmth to the homes of customers in and around Cuyahoga Falls has never changed. Our need for flexibility over the years has made us perfectly equipped to help our customers in their pursuits to modernize their homes, find efficient solutions, and save money. 

Our installations are the best because we combine our knowledge of the industry with our sense of familial obligation to our community. We feel as though our customers are our family and it gives us satisfaction to be able to give back to the community that has supported us for so many years. You can rely on us for upfront pricing, special deals and discounts to help with the expense, and expertise that is unrivaled in Cuyahoga Falls. 

If you suspect that you may need a furnace installation, begin the process with Jennings Heating and Cooling Co. We will make sure that your home has the furnace it needs to keep you warm and cozy all winter.


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