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Electricity has always been a life and culture-changing discovery, and today it is difficult to imagine a world without it. From illuminating our living spaces to giving us access to the internet, electricity is woven into nearly every aspect of our day. At Jennings, we work hard to provide ongoing electrical services so that the residents of Cuyahoga Falls can stay connected, safe, and comfortable inside their homes. 

Jennings Residential Electrical Services 

While electricity is a necessity, it is also a dangerous force that needs to be harnessed properly to be safe for residential use. Many people are working together to make electricity safer for homes, and we are proud to be part of this work. With each installation, repair, and upgrade, we adhere strictly to the NEC guidelines for residential electrical systems, and we do our work with a high degree of care to ensure quality and safety. Here are a few of the excellent services that we provide in the area. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Do you know the brand of your electrical panel? If not, it is worth checking it to make sure it is a model that is still considered safe. Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels have both been deemed unsafe by the electrical community, and while neither is installed in homes anymore, some homes built between the 50s and the 80s may still have these panels installed in their homes. If you have one of these panels, this is a good reason to consider replacing your panel with something reliable. 

You can also choose to have your panel replaced if it isn’t keeping up with your home’s electrical appliances or if you have an old fuse box. We perform electrical panel upgrades, installations, maintenance, and repairs in the Cuyahoga Falls area. If you don’t know which service you need, call our team for a consultation and receive expert advice. 


While most electrical wiring will last for many years, some types of wiring can degrade more quickly than others. Aluminum wiring is prone to changes in temperature, expanding and contracting as temperatures rise and fall. Over time, this can lead to loose electrical connections anywhere in your home which can cause a residential electrical fire. If your home has aluminum wiring, there is no need to panic as it is safe when in good condition. However, you may want to consider having your system inspected regularly to check for loose connections. When your wiring does need an overhaul, we can rewire your whole home with a brand new, modern electrical system.

Data Cabling

If you still feel like you are in the days of dial-up internet and you are spending a lot of time waiting for pages to load, or if you struggle to have the internet speed you need to stream movies and music, it may be time for our data cabling services. When you want to bring your home up to speed, Jennings can provide this service. 

Lighting Installations

If you have ever enjoyed reading a good book in your favorite nook long after the sun has gone down, you can thank your light fixtures for the ability to indulge in this pastime. However, when your lighting is failing to contribute to your comfort, it becomes a priority to have it repaired or to install new lighting solutions. We work with you to design and install lighting that is attractive and eco-friendly.

Pool and Landscaping

We don’t just take care of lighting inside the home. We want the outside to be just as welcoming as the inside with beautiful path lighting, security and motion sensor lighting, and pool lighting. We can also repair and install pool pump circuits, hot tub circuits, pool heating circuits, and gas lines for the ultimate outdoor experience. 

Surge Protection

If a power surge from a lightning storm or a large appliance turning on has ever fried one of your other devices, you are probably eager to keep this from happening again. While power strips can provide some internal protection, it is best to invest in whole-home surge protection if you have any expensive electronics. We can install both kinds of surge protection to keep your home safe from all types of power surges.  

At Jennings, we provide many more electrical services than just the ones listed here. Be sure to check out our website or give us a call for more information about our top-notch electrical installations and repairs. If you live in Cuyahoga Falls, we are here with 24-hour services so that you are always covered. 


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