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Has your air conditioner been running with something less than its usual vigor over the past few months? Do you find yourself wishing there was a way to boost your system so that you could enjoy that icy cold air again? There is a fast and easy way to restore your AC to its original power and effectiveness, and it is as easy as calling Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our tune-ups are an essential rejuvenation that every system needs to keep working its best. Here is everything you need to know about AC tune-ups in Cuyahoga Falls. 

Why AC Tune-Ups?

Before anything else, it is necessary to establish the importance of an AC tune-up. Most homeowners are rightfully cautious about spending more money on their systems without the assurance that the service is necessary. At Jennings, we only provide services that are beneficial for our customers, and we never recommend something to simply put money in our pockets. 

The truth is that tune-ups are much more likely to put money back into your pocket as the owner of the system. While our AC repairs are the best in the area, it is better for your system and your bank account that you do everything you can to avoid having to shell out money for an expensive repair. Tune-ups are an effective way to provide security for the future by making repairs less likely. 

If you are frustrated by continually rising energy bills during the summer, it is probably the fault of your air conditioner. While lighting and the use of your electronics and appliances are part of the cost, your AC can make up roughly half of your monthly energy expenses. A tune-up will make your system as efficient as it can be, minimizing these costs and making your bill a little more manageable. 

What Happens During Our Tune-Ups?

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest enemies of an efficient system is dust. You may have a routine of dusting your shelves and the top of your cabinets once per week, but how often do you dust your air conditioning unit? Dirt, grime, dust, and more can collect on different parts of your system, causing it to have to work much harder to heat the home. During our tune-ups, we will clean both the evaporator coil and condenser coil to allow for better transfer of heat from inside your home to outside where it isn’t bothering anyone. 

One of our most important jobs during an AC tune-up is finding small problems that could become much bigger in the future. A part that isn’t working perfectly, a frayed belt, or wears and tear on important mechanical components can be easy to fix now, but expensive to fix later when it causes other parts in your AC to break down. We inspect your unit from top to bottom and record anything that we notice as we go.

System safety is paramount and safety checks and adjustments are vital to our tune-ups. Checking and tightening electrical connections, safely checking refrigerant levels, searching for signs of obstruction or mold in the vents, detecting leaks, and checking the overall safety of the system will all be performed during your routine inspection. 

After your tune-up, expect to be made aware of any urgent repair needs. Otherwise, you can look forward to enjoying colder air, quieter operation, lower energy bills, and a cleaner, more comfortable home. 

When Should You Schedule Your Next Tune-Up?

If you have had your AC for several years and have never had it maintained, now is always the perfect time to get started. You shouldn’t put it off much longer since, as, with many AC problems, time is often of the essence. Otherwise, plan on scheduling a tune-up for early spring. The perfect time to get it done is before it even gets warm so that you can have a head start on the summer. To get all of the benefits from this service, make sure to schedule it every year. You can also check out our Rewards Club which makes maintenance much cheaper for all of our members. 

How can you be sure of a fully functional and wonderfully efficient air conditioning system this summer? Have our team at Jennings come and give it a tune-up. You will be saving money on repairs and replacements, and you will be giving your family the gift of cleaner, cooler air. Residents of the Cuyahoga Falls area can contact us by calling 330-752-0885 or by filling out an online form. 


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