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To the technicians at Jennings Heating and Cooling, a well-maintained air conditioning unit is a thing of beauty. We specialize in air conditioning maintenance, and we see the benefits every day as we visit homes in the Cuyahoga Falls, OH, area. If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, call us and we will make sure your system is well cared for. 

Why Preventative Maintenance?

You may think your air conditioner is running fine without regular maintenance, but this can have consequences that last much longer than your AC will. If you aren’t concerned about voiding your warranty, shortening your AC’s lifespan, or having to repair your AC frequently, maintenance might not be a priority. However, if you want to get the most out of your money and your AC, consider what you can gain through regular maintenance. 

How long are you expecting your system to last? A well-maintained system can last up to 15 years, but a system that has been ignored may fail before it reaches 10 years of age. This is because friction, dilapidation, and disrepair can all put a greater strain on your system, leading to a shorter lifespan. In addition to shortening the lifespan, a lack of maintenance can also cause homeowners to have to spend hundreds of dollars repairing the system from the smaller effects of this wear and tear. 

These repairs may not even be covered by your warranty if you haven’t maintained it. Warranties are usually conditional and require maintenance to stay valid. If you are depending on your warranty for any repairs that your system may need over the years, be sure to keep records of each tune-up and inspection that your system receives. 

Which is Better, DIY or Professional Maintenance?

Most DIY projects are undertaken to save money. However, in the case of air conditioners, you may be saving more money by letting a professional take care of the job. There is a big margin for error, and any mistake made during the maintenance process can be dangerous or lead to problems with your air conditioner. Additionally, you will have to invest in a lot of tools and parts that most homeowners don’t have sitting in their attics. Professional technicians have everything that is required already in their truck and won’t cost the homeowner anything. Finally, an HVAC technician has years of experience in maintaining AC systems. This translates to quick appointments and more time for you to complete your other projects.

This being said, there are a few things you can do at home to keep your AC in good condition until your next appointment. Be sure to change your filter every few months so that your system can continue to run efficiently, wipe down the outside of the unit to keep dust from collecting on it, and keep boxes, cleaning supplies, and other clutter away from the inside and outside portion of your system.

Our Preventative Maintenance Services

When you are choosing preventative maintenance services in Cuyahoga Falls, you want to make sure it includes everything your unit needs to stay healthy. At Jennings, we never cut corners, and this is especially true with our comprehensive maintenance. Everything that we do fits into three categories: Inspection, Cleaning, and Adjustment. 

Inspection: Our inspections are the most important part of AC maintenance, and we take special care to look at everything and find even the smallest signs of an impending breakdown. We inspect your electrical system and all of the electrical connections. We check inside and out for indications of a leak and we make sure the cabinet door stays closed. We inspect the fan motor, check refrigerant levels, check humidity levels in your home, and look for mold or dust on the system and in the ducts. 

Cleaning: Keeping your system clean is one of the best ways to keep the AC from breaking down. We will change the filters, clean the evaporator and condenser coils, unclog drain lines, empty the drip pan, and remove dust and debris from the area around the unit. 

Adjustments: Loose electrical connections, low refrigerant, unlubricated motor components, dead batteries, and more can be adjusted, replaced, and fixed during a maintenance appointment. If any major repairs are needed, we will discuss this with you in detail after your appointment. 

We care about you and your system and want you to be able to get the most out of it. If you live in Cuyahoga Falls, call Jennings today to schedule your regular AC maintenance. 


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