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When your water heater breaks down, it can instantly make you appreciate the full value of this appliance in your home. If you have a leak in your water heater or something has caused it to stop working, you could be facing damage to your home as well as a cold shower. At Jennings, we have been providing quality and reliable services to the residents of the Copley area since 1931. Our water heater repairs are one of these quality services and we are here 24/7 for your convenience.

Repair Services From Your Licensed and Insured Professionals

When selecting a company for your water heater repair, it is important that you find a company that is both licensed and insured and that has a high standard for each technician that becomes a part of the team. Our technicians go through a stringent training process and are experienced in repairing all types of water heaters from storage tank to tankless. You can trust us to get the job done right and to always charge a fair price for our services.

Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When your water heater is having problems or is about to break down, there will usually be signs. When you are near your water heater you can check for any unusual sounds, signs of leaking on the sides or bottom of the tank, corrosion on the tank or connections, pools of water on the floor, hissing sounds, or the smell of gas.

You can also check the quality of your water to identify potential problems with your water heater. If you have no hot water at all, your system needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. If your water is not hot enough, there is a chance that the thermostat was bumped and is no longer set at the correct temperature. If there are no problems with the thermostat, Jennings can diagnose the problem. Rust-colored water is never a good sign and may mean that your tank is corroded and will need to be replaced. Water that has a bad odor is always a good reason to call.

Hiring a Professional for the Job

While many chores, renovations, and repairs around the house can be done by yourself, water heater repair is something that is best left to a professional. Any system that involves water, gas, or electricity can be dangerous to work with if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. We have years of training at Jennings and we know how to repair water heaters without placing ourselves or our customers at risk. We avoid even the smallest mistakes that could lead to big consequences.

Our Repair Process

We try to inconvenience our customers as little as possible during each water heater repair. We have everything we need for almost every job in our repair vehicles so that it is on hand for our services. If there is anything else that is needed, we have every imaginable part and tool at our local warehouse stocked and ready to go. Our goal is to diagnose and fix your system in one visit so that you don’t have to continue waiting for it to be operational again.

After we diagnose the problem, we will discuss it in detail with you so that you have all of the information you need about the condition of your water heater, the repairs that will be performed, and the cost of the service. We will then get busy fixing your system. By the time we leave, your water heater will be working perfectly, and the area will be clean.

Water Heater Maintenance

Once your water heater is repaired, make sure to take additional steps to keep the breakdown from occurring again. Inspect your system often, and have our team come and flush your tank once per year to rid the system of sediment. We will also check your anode rod and other components to make sure nothing needs to be replaced. Just like all of your other appliances, your water heater benefits from you staying on top of small repairs and purchasing preventative maintenance. At Jennings, we do both to keep your water heater in top shape.

When your water heater breaks down, call the company that does it all. With years of experience in water heater repairs, endless compassion, and a desire to provide affordable services in the Copley area, Jennings is a solid choice for all of your repair needs. Contact us for more information about our water heater services.


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