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A furnace should provide comforting heat all day and night during the winter without being a source of stress. Unfortunately, “stressful” is exactly what your furnace can become if it breaks down or stops warming up your home as well as it should. However, one simple step can keep the hassle at a minimum and help your furnace to work as it should. Yearly furnace tune-ups are proven to improve function and prevent breakdowns. We provide tune-up services for our customers in the Copley area to help them stay warm all winter.

What Can a Tune-Up Do?

While a tune-up isn’t a magical cure for everything that ails your system, it can make a huge difference in the amount that you spend on your furnace over time and how well it works. There are three main benefits of having maintenance done on your furnace, which are outlined below.

They Protect Your Warranty

Almost every manufacturer’s warranty states that the warranty is only valid when the furnace has been properly maintained. A tune-up satisfies these requirements, allowing your system to still be under warranty in case of a breakdown. You don’t want to risk voiding your warranty in this way, especially since a lack of maintenance almost guarantees a breakdown in the future.

They Stretch Your Dollar

If you want to find more ways to save money while heating your home, make sure the system is maintained. Tune-ups increase the efficiency of your furnace by anywhere from 10%-30%. You should notice a change in your utilities after a tune-up, and you will also notice that your system works quieter, pumps out warmer air, and warms up your home faster than it did before.

They Protect Your Furnace

Within your furnace are parts that can be expensive to fix and sensitive to a lack of maintenance. This can lead to breakdowns that will either shorten the life of your furnace or result in costly repairs. By scheduling a tune-up with Jennings, you will be protecting your furnace from wear and tear and system failure.

Tune-Ups at Jennings

Tune-ups at Jennings are fast appointments, but they make a huge difference. In the 90 minutes that it takes to perform a tune-up, our technicians can work through your entire system to clean and inspect every single component. We perform basic tasks such as changing the filter and clearing debris away from the system, but we also complete detailed work that is difficult or impossible for someone without professional experience.

We have different checklists depending on the type of system that you have, but each appointment will usually include the following services:

  • Inspection and adjustment of fan belt tension
  • Burner cleaning and inspection
  • Heat exchanger cleaning and inspection
  • System lubrication
  • Thermostat calibration
  • System control checks
  • Gas/oil line inspection
  • Checking and tightening of electrical connections
  • Voltage, current, and carbon monoxide checks

After Your Tune-Up

Following your furnace tune-up, you should be able to notice an increase in the quality, power, and efficiency of your heating system. You will be able to enjoy cleaner air and peace of mind until your next appointment. Be sure to call us if you have any questions about your tune-up service. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction for all of our services from installations to preventative maintenance.

Maximize Your Benefits with Our Rewards Club

The best way to make sure you are getting our services for the best value is to become a member of our Rewards Club. You can choose your level of coverage from $16 per month to $26 per month. With a membership, you can enjoy 24-hour priority service, no service fee for regular hour service, $59 service fees for emergency repairs, a 20% discount on furnace and AC repairs, and two yearly maintenance inspections. Enroll yearly and you can gain access to our HVAC replacement credit program for credit accrual up to $2,000 for a new system. Annual enrollment also gains you access to extended warranties for furnace repairs.

We have been serving the local community for 90 years. While our staff has changed over these many years, our passion for serving Copley with integrity and excellence has not changed, nor has our reputation for superior home comfort services. Throughout the decades we have passed down our knowledge, love of learning, and dedication to the next generation of kind and professional technicians. If you want furnace maintenance services that you can depend on time and time again, turn to Jennings Heating and Cooling for all of your needs.


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