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The last thing you want to happen on one of Copley’s snowy winter nights is for your furnace to decide to break down. But when this does happen, we will brave the inclement weather, no matter how bad, to repair your system. We have been in business since 1931, so there is no repair that we cannot handle and nothing we haven’t seen. If you are having problems with your furnace, don’t delay reaching out for help. Jennings is always ready and willing to come to your home for furnace repair services.

Our Repairs

Most furnaces will need to be repaired several times in between when they were installed and when they will need to be replaced, even in addition to regular maintenance. Not all problems can be prevented, but most repairs in the first 15 years are under $500 and are considered to be minor. However, when they occur in the middle of the night they are no less disruptive and can cause you to not have heat just when you need it most.

One of the most important things to building a trusting relationship with our customers is following through with a commitment to always be on time for appointments, whether they have been scheduled as an emergency or days ahead of time. We believe that if you cannot rely on your HVAC technician to arrive when they said they would, you can’t trust them to take pride in the quality of their work. We begin each repair with a timely arrival.

It is not a small thing to trust someone to fix something as important and expensive as your furnace. That is why we back up our repairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident in the quality of our services, and we want you to have this same confidence.

We know that the topic of repair costs should always be treated with transparency and sensitivity. We want you to a detailed and accurate quote before we even begin the work so that you have the chance to approve the repair and the cost. We communicate with you every step of the way so that you never feel blindsided by an expense. We also offer opportunities for discounts on repairs, which you can gain access to by becoming a member of our Rewards Club.

When to Call for a Repair

You can call Jennings any time you feel concerned about your furnace, but there are a few important times when calling for a repair is particularly necessary. Of course, you should always schedule service if your furnace has stopped turning on or if the air is no longer warm. Keeping your home heated is important, so this is considered an emergency repair need. You should also reach out to us, however, if your furnace is working inefficiently and costing you a lot every month without effectively heating the home. You should call if your furnace cycles on and off too often, or it has started making loud noises during operation.

If you smell gas, this should also be dealt with right away. Move your family to a safe location and call Jennings. We can also help if there is an electrical problem such as a furnace that is constantly tripping the breaker.

Avoiding Repairs with Yearly Maintenance

It is always best to avoid expensive repairs if you possibly can. While it is not possible to avoid all wear and tear, you can protect your system from most breakdowns with preventative maintenance. Your furnace should be checked yearly to make sure all of the electrical connections are secure, there is enough lubrication in the motor, and that the system is clean and operating smoothly. Check with our team at Jennings to see if our preventative maintenance plans work for you.

Choosing Jennings

Each person who works at Jennings is passionate about helping the community to have better heating, cooling, and electrical solutions. We care about the safety of our customers, and we want their homes to be comfortable and well-maintained. We believe that friendly service, honest prices, hard work, and integrity can all go a long way in making Copley a better place to live.

We hope that through our furnace repair services, we can help you and your family. Our technicians are NATE-certified and we have years of experience in servicing electric, gas, and oil furnaces. If your furnace has been working poorly recently, or it has broken down, call Jennings for furnace repair services in your area.


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