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It can be alarming to have your furnace break down in the middle of a snowstorm, and when this comes with the news that your furnace will need to be replaced, it can seem even worse. It is never fun to have furnace problems, but when you hire the right company, your installation can be free from frustration. With Jennings Heating and Cooling, you can have a furnace installation that is trouble-free, well-executed, and speedy, if not relaxing.

Knowing When you Need Furnace Installation

Many people rely on the knowledge and recommendations of their HVAC technicians to know when a furnace should be replaced. That is why it is so important that the HVAC company is founded on integrity and is full of honest and hardworking technicians. That is exactly what we have at Jennings. You can always trust our technicians to give professional and honest opinions, to never upsell, and to help you get the exact service that you require. We recommend installations based on what is best for our customers. During the process, you always have a voice and we will listen to your concerns.

Furnace replacements are most often needed when the repair will cost more than what the system is worth, or they may be recommended on the basis of poor efficiency and recurrent breakdowns. Additionally, it may be that your furnace simply cannot handle heating your whole home and is not big enough for the job.

Choosing the Right System

We have installed and serviced many furnaces since we opened our doors in 1931, and we have had a unique birds-eye view of the durability, efficiency, and safety of all different types of systems. This makes us perfectly placed to give guidance to our customers as they navigate the process of choosing a furnace. We know which systems work best in our climate, and we know how to choose the right size for your home to maximize efficacy and minimize running costs.

We can also walk you through the pros and cons of choosing between electric, oil, and gas furnaces. Gas is the cheapest resource, but it might not be the right option if you don’t have an existing gas line. Electric furnaces are the most expensive to run, but they are also the safest and the best for homes that want to save energy and integrate them into their smart home systems. Oil furnaces can last longer, and they can heat the home faster. Oil is a safe option and is good for areas with a lot of power outages.

On the Day of Your Installation

After you have chosen your furnace type and have set an appointment for the installation, you can expect our technician to arrive on time and ready with all of the equipment needed for the service. After covering the floor and going over the price with you, they will get promptly to work, removing your old furnace, cleaning the area, and connecting your new system. If you have any questions about the cost of the installation or the process, always feel free to ask and our technicians will give you a clear and friendly answer. Each furnace is thoroughly tested after installation for proper function, and we will always check in with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job.

After the Installation

Following the installation, your technician will communicate again with you to explain the process and give you any instructions for operating the system that you will need to know. They will show you how your new thermostat works, and how to register your product. They will clean up the area so that it looks clean and tidy and then leave you to enjoy your new furnace.

Saving on Your Installation with Our Rewards Club

While most maintenance plans only extend benefits for repairs and maintenance, we take it a step further by facilitating your installations and replacements as well. With a continual annual enrollment of our Rewards Club, you will get a credit of up to $200 every year (for a maximum total of $2,000) that you can use towards a new system. Become a member and start saving for a replacement today!

While a furnace installation or replacement is a big expense for any home or business, you are in good hands with Jennings Heating and Cooling. Our big heart for the Copley community combined with our years of experience and knowledge come together for installations that are unrivaled in our area. Call us today for more info.


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