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Everyone with an air conditioner knows that they can sometimes be prone to breaking down as soon as it gets especially hot outside. Whether this is because high temperatures can cause additional strain on your system or simply because of the perversity of the inanimate, sometimes air conditioners need a little help to get them through the summer. While an AC repair with Jennings should be your first recourse when something actually goes wrong, an AC tune-up can help to prevent these breakdowns from occurring every summer. Here is everything you need to know about Copley air conditioning tune-up services at Jennings Heating and Cooling.

What Is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

Air conditioner tune-ups are yearly maintenance appointments that restore your system to peak performance through cleaning, inspection, and adjustment. They can be done at any time of the year, but they usually best serve the home if performed before summer begins. They give your system the best chance at working efficiently even when temperatures in Copley are at record highs.

Are Tune-Ups Necessary?

While you can’t get arrested for AC neglect, you may be making life much harder and expensive for yourself by choosing to not invest in air conditioning maintenance. If you don’t have a tune-up performed on your AC each year, it will be more likely to break down frequently, leading to recurring costs that can drain your savings. Not only will repairs be needed more often, but it also likely that they will be more expensive.

It is also possible that a lack of maintenance will lead to your system failing altogether. Your AC should be able to serve your home for up to 15 years, but you will probably have to replace it long before this without yearly tune-ups. Additionally, a system that has been cared for will save energy. The most efficient homes have HVAC systems that have tune-ups every year.

What Your AC Tune-Up Should Include?

At Jennings, we offer the most comprehensive tune-ups in the area. We make sure that no part of your AC is neglected so that you can be confident in its overall condition. Each of our tune-ups will include a thorough cleaning of your condenser coils as well as the inside and outside of the unit. Your filter is changed, and the refrigerant is checked to make sure your system has an adequate amount and that there is no coolant leak. We will recalibrate your thermostat and check your vents and ducts for blockages. We will check and lubricate the blower motor and other moving parts, and we will inspect and tighten electrical connections.

Our tune-ups are the best because we take our time to make sure we do it right. Our NATE-Certified technicians are trained in our 15-point inspections and they are experts at servicing all types of air conditioning systems, including ductless systems. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every service, so if something does not measure up to our usual standard, give us a call and we will make it right.

Signs that a Tune-Up is Needed

The very first sign that a tune-up is needed for your air conditioner is if has been more than a year since your last one. Tune-ups should be a regular part of your springtime routine, and you can also write the date of the last tune-up on your system so that you remember when the next one is due. You can also sign up to be a member of our Rewards Club, and we will remind you when your 15 point inspection is needed.

You can also tell that your system is ready for a tune-up if it has begun to work less efficiently. You may notice a sudden increase in your bills, or you may feel less comfortable in your home because of a weaker airflow or air that isn’t as cold. Schedule a tune-up for your AC if it is making loud noises, producing a foul odor, or not reducing the humidity in your home effectively. A problem with the evaporator coil such as buildup can lead to decreased efficiency and increased moisture.

Jennings is proud to be able to offer these maintenance services to homes in the Copley area. Tune-ups are essential if you want to optimize your comfort, keep your costs low, and lengthen the lifespan of your system. Watch out for signs that your AC needs a quick tune-up, and give us a call if it has been a year since your last appointment.


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