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Green fields, lush woods, and vibrant farms make up a large portion of the Copley landscape. This makes it a beautiful location to live, and the balmy summers and magical snowy winters make it even better. Mother nature is continually changing her clothing in Copley from bright green to yellow, and to white as the seasons change and the temperatures shift. The four distinct seasons of the area can make it a challenge for homeowners to maintain their homes, but Jennings has all of the tools you need to successfully keep your home running from January through December. We offer year-round HVAC, Electrical, indoor air quality, and water heater services in Copley.

Heating Repair and Installation

You will probably need your heater for more months than you will need your air conditioner. From September through April, temperatures can get cold enough outside to make it uncomfortable inside. Wear and tear can happen more quickly with frequent use and this can cause your system to become more stressed and break down easier. When your heater stops working, you will need to have it repaired as fast as you can, even if it is after business hours. That is where Jennings Heating and Cooling comes in. We offer regular and emergency repair services with quick turnarounds in the Copley area.

In addition to repairs, we also help our customers with installations and routine maintenance. If you think it may be time to have your system replaced, we will walk you through the process of finding the right heater, installing it, and caring for it so that it lasts 20 years or longer.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Air conditioners run much better and produce much colder air when they are inspected by a licensed HVAC professional regularly. We do this and more at Jennings. We are always ready to repair your system if something breaks, but we are even more passionate about preventing these breakdowns in the first place through our AC tune-ups.

If your AC is over 10 years old and it breaks down, it is time to think about getting a replacement for it. You may be surprised to know how much the air conditioning industry has improved since you last purchased an AC unit. Today, air conditioners can run with greater efficiency, and almost all models use PuronⓇ as a refrigerant instead of FreonⓇ to reduce the impact on the ozone. Ask us about our AC installations today.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

A cold shower is something most people rarely choose to have, but it might be exactly what you get with a water heater that has gone haywire. With our repair and replacement services, you will only have to suffer from the cold water until you call our team.  We always arrive promptly and we get the job done right so that you can enjoy hot showers again. We also install and repair all types of tankless water heaters and have upgraded many homes in the area to this efficient type of system.

Electrical Services

If you have been looking for an HVAC technician that can also provide quality installations and repairs for your electrical system, you have found what you are looking for with Jennings. We are fully licensed and qualified to provide the area’s most reliable electrical services. We offer comprehensive services including:

  • New Home Electrical Installation
  • Lighting Installation and Repair
  • Generator Installation and Service
  • Panel Upgrades and Replacements
  • Pool Lighting, Heating, and Pump Circuit Installation
  • Outlet Replacement and Installation
  • Full-Service Electrical Repairs
  • Surge Protection
  • Hot Tub Installation Services
  • Data Cabling…and more!

At each appointment, our priority is safety both for our team and for our customers. We know that electricity can be dangerous when it isn’t handled carefully and we make sure that each installation or repair is done with the utmost care so that you can rely on your system for safe operation. We specialize in modernizing homes to make them up to code as well as more convenient, more compatible with today’s electrical needs, and more efficient.

We are proud of the work that we do at Jennings. Homeowners have been depending on us to provide trustworthy services for nearly a century and we work hard to maintain the reputation that we have built over the years. For dependable installations, quick repairs, and comprehensive maintenance services, look to Jennings Heating and Cooling Co. We are here for you day and night with 24/7 emergency services and we will always greet you with a smile and treat you well.

Services We Provide in Copley, Ohio


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