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We know that humidity is important to maintain in cold weather. On the other hand, dehumidification is absolutely vital in the warmer season. When it’s hot out, excess humidity can bring a variety of adverse effects on both your house and your household.

Luckily, Jennings Heating and Cooling can perform a whole-house dehumidifier installation that will improve your home and the wellbeing of those inhabiting it. While portable dehumidifiers only combat moisture one room at a time, a whole-house equivalent connects to your central cooler to maintain proper humidity across the home.

The Importance of Dehumidification

You may have some questions when it comes to humidity. If experts suggest running a humidifier during the winter, why would excess humidity be such a problem in the summer? 

There’s a reason you want to use a humidifier when it’s cold out, and that’s because most heating systems give off dry heat. Dry air does not hold heat for as long. That being the case, you can balance the climate and lower the strain on your furnace when you add water vapor. 

When you have too much humidity, it becomes a problem, especially when it’s hot out. Excess moisture and heat can prompt the growth of mold and bacteria. That has multiple physical effects, including asthma attacks, skin irritation, and other kinds of illness. 

In the Home

For the environment of your home, excess humidity can make things significantly less comfortable. Your space will feel stuffy even if you run the air conditioner, and there will be an increase of dust mites in other particulates in the air. And if left unchecked, humidity has the potential to damage the very structure of your house itself.

You shouldn’t wait to take care of home humidity until your floorboards and doors start to warp. With a whole-house dehumidifier installation, you can make a big step in ensuring comfort and safety. 

Benefits of a Whole-House Dehumidifier Installation

There are many advantages to installing a whole-house dehumidifier, especially when you do it through the professionals at Jennings Heating and Cooling. You can easily add them to your existing cooling system in a way that allows it to treat and regulate humidity across every room. And once you have them installed, they only need maintenance once or twice a year. 

For Comfort

With a dehumidifier, you no longer need to cope with the sticky clamminess of living in a space with too much humidity. That is especially true during the height of summer when moisture in the air will keep your body from being able to cool itself down properly. Whole-home dehumidification will allow you to feel the full effects of your air conditioning. 

For Convenience

And through regulating your humidity, you can take the strain off of your cooling system where it would otherwise overwork itself to compensate. Once the moisture in the air is taken care of, you’ll be taking the strain off of your cooler. That will keep it from gathering more internal damage, and it could even lower your monthly utility bill. 

For Safety

More than comfort and convenience, dehumidifiers are geared towards protecting the state of your home itself. They can prevent water damage and protect furniture, but they’re also deodorizing. What does that mean?

The bacterial growth prompted by heat and moisture is not something to take lightly. It can severely affect your health and the very structure of your home. A dehumidifier, paired with air conditioning, cuts off both factors and prevents further damage.

A Whole-House Dehumidification Through Jennings Heating and Cooling 

At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we understand how important it is to have a comfortable place to come home to. And we’d like to give that gift to everyone we can, which is why we’ve widened our service area to all Northeast Ohio.

Maybe this means maintaining your air conditioning, fine-tuning your furnace, or installing a new water heater. Or, if you’re finding things to be a little hot and humid, we can install a whole-home dehumidifier that will make you happy to stay in.

There is a cool and comfortable home in your future, and the path to get there is far less complicated than you may expect. All you have to do is call Jennings Heating and Cooling for your whole-house dehumidification. We’re the best way to get out of a sticky situation. 

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