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At Jennings, we’ve been keeping families comfortable in their homes for nearly a century. Our customers have learned that they can trust our experienced service technicians and dedicated advisors to provide service and insights to help keep them cool even on the hottest days.

One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that we stay on top of the latest technologies and industry developments. That allows us to deliver solutions to you that are effective and energy-efficient.

One of the most recent of these solutions is the ductless mini-split. If you are on the lookout for a low-cost cooling solution, this may be the best choice for your home.

Ductless Mini Split from Jennings

A ductless mini-split is a great alternative to a traditional AC unit installation. It consists of a unit placed outside the home and connected directly to whatever room or household zone it should cool. Depending on your cooling needs, you may choose to have a single mini-split unit installed or several.

Mini-splits are a great solution for homes with no central air conditioning. They’re also a great option when you’re replacing older unattractive window units. You can even have Jennings Heating and Cooling install mini splits in a room addition, workshop, or guest house. 

A Jennings Heating and Cooling technician can install your ductless mini split instead of a traditional air conditioning unit or as a supplement to your central air system.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

Because there is no ductwork involved, the installation process takes less time and involves lower cost up front. This is also a more energy-efficient solution as multiple units may be installed and controlled separately to ensure each area of the home is cooled as it should be.

A ductless mini-split unit uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. Additionally, these units use multi-stage air filtration to improve the air quality within your home by taking out dust and other allergens before they enter your home.

If something does go wrong, the AC unit repair only affects a single room or zone. The other units remain up and running, cooling your home.

Finally, many homeowners appreciate the discreet, modern look of the ductless mini-split. These low-profile units won’t distract from your outdoor landscaping or exterior design.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Fortunately, this is one of the easier HVAC installations that we offer. Our technicians can install a ductless mini split system in your home in less than a day. There’s no need to tie into existing systems or run new ductwork. You can begin using your ductless mini split the day we install it. Our technicians will actually get it started up and make sure it’s running properly for you! 

Jennings Heating and Cooling will simply place the condenser unit outside the home and connect it to the indoor air handling unit via a refrigerant hose, power cord, and drain tube. Our customers appreciate that this solution is simple and noninvasive.

The Best Ductless Mini Split AC Installation Contractors

Because this solution is so new, many HVAC contractors simply don’t offer it to their customers. We can do so because of our commitment to learning new technologies to provide every cooling option available to our customers.

We are proud to be one of the area’s most trusted ductless mini-split providers, installers, and repairers. Our service and installation teams have spent many hours learning exactly how these systems work, how to install them properly, and how to repair them.

In addition to being technically proficient, if you choose Jennings to install your ductless mini-split unit, you can expect the same level of quality work, guarantees, and customer service that we’re known for. 

Our service advisors will work with you to determine your home cooling needs. This will help you decide how many units you need and where they should be installed.

If you’ve been looking for a “ductless mini-split installation provider near me,” you should know that the process is quick and simple. The installation team can almost always complete the work in less than a day. Even better, this work involves very little disruption to your home or schedule.

Choose Jennings For All Your Cooling Needs

Whether you choose a ductless mini-split or another solution to cool your home, we would love to be your service provider. We are dedicated to impressing homeowners with great service, courteous professionalism, and excellent work. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an estimate or service call.

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