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Next to furnaces, boilers are the second most common heating system in the United States.

Many buildings have old or poorly maintained boilers that should be replaced with efficient (and environmentally friendly) systems or retrofitting the boiler to bring them closer to today’s standards.

Commercial Boiler Services

At Jennings, our commercial boiler services in Akron and Northeast Ohio include:

  • Comprehensive service and maintenance
  • Oil, Gas or Electric boilers—we service all brands!
  • Oil to gas burner conversions
  • Custom planning and design
  • Cost and efficiency consulting
  • Consultation on heat and power systems
  • Installation and configuration
  • Preventative maintenance for absolute peace of mind
  • Safety Inspections and regulations

Replacing Your Boiler

Replacing an old boiler may not be a priority for your business in Akron and Northeast Ohio, but here’s why you should considering replacing it:

  • An older boiler works harder, therefore causing higher utility bills each month
  • A newer, higher efficiency boiler can pay for itself in just five years from reduced monthly costs
  • Older boilers are more susceptible to breaking down, often leading to costly repairs

UniFi Commercial HVAC Financing

UniFi’s HVAC financing program creates an individualized lease plan based upon your company’s specific needs and budget requirements. Learn more about UniFi’s commercial leasing program here.


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