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Before deciding to get central air conditioning installed in your home, you may want to know a little about what it is and how the process is carried out. Air conditioners work by pulling in warm air from a room and converting it to cooler air. Once the temperature drops to the desired number, the unit stops doing this, until the temperature rises again. For homes and businesses, people generally have central heating and cooling systems.

Central Air Conditioning

Nowadays, most people either already have central air conditioning in their homes or are making the switch to have it installed. There are numerous reasons why. Central heating and cooling for your home uses a system of pipes and vents or ducts to distribute air throughout the home. The condenser and compressor are, in most cases, housed in an outdoor unit. For most residences this is located on the ground behind the home.

Central air conditioners are a more popular or preferred method, often times, because it can help even out the temperature in multiple rooms of a home. It also frees up having to sacrifice a window, which is what happens when you use a window unit. Also, central heating and air conditioning filters the air when it pulls it through to change the temperature.

Central Air – Is it Right for You?

If you live in a small or single room dwelling and already have a window air conditioning unit in place, this may be enough for you. But, if you are in a multi-room home, central heating and cooling may be your best option. Window units can have a difficult time cooling too big an area, unless you have one for each room in the house.

When you decide to improve upon your home by adding central cooling, you will work with someone to determine the size of the unit you need for your home. You will also need to decide where the condenser should be placed. Keep in mind, even modern, quiet condensers make some noise. So, you will probably want to avoid having a unit right outside a bedroom window. Also, you will work with a comfort advisor who can inspect your home to find out if you will need ducts installed or not.

Getting Your Heating and Cooling Needs Met

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