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Your home should always be a safe and comfortable place where you can go to retreat from the world. However, when your water heater has stopped working, it can become a place of stress and discomfort. Having Jennings on your team for water heater services and installations can make a difference both in how you feel during a water heater breakdown, and how quickly the problem is resolved. We have been installing water heaters in the Canton area for many years, and are eager to help you and your family to have the reliable system that you deserve.

What We Install

Because of our experience in the industry, there is no type of water heater that we are not able to install. We specialize in the installation of gas and electric storage tank water heaters as well as tankless water heaters. The system that you choose will depend on the layout of your home, the amount that you have budgeted for installation, and the level of efficiency and convenience that you want from your system.

Knowing When you Need a New System

If your standard water heater is still under 10 years old and it has a minor problem, it will almost always be the right decision to have the system repaired instead of worrying about replacing it. However, an old system that is having major problems will likely mean that you will have to discuss a replacement with Jennings.

Major water heater problems usually include leaking from the tank, a lack of hot water, rusty water, noisy operation such as banging, creaking, and boiling, or water that is warm sometimes and cold at others. At Jennings, we always do an initial consultation to make sure a replacement is needed, and we will always give you our honest opinion.

Our Installation Process

The installation process will begin from the moment you decide that a new water heater is necessary. There are a few steps that will need to be taken before we can proceed with the installation. Here is our installation process.

  1. Choosing a System

The first step is choosing a system that will serve your family well for the next 10+ years. You will want to decide whether you simply want a traditional water heater or you want to upgrade to a tankless system. Keep in mind that tankless water heaters, while more expensive to install, will last at least 20 years and will save you a lot on your utilities. They are also good for families who have greater hot water needs and keep running out of hot water with a traditional system.

If you choose a storage tank system, there are still many efficient and quality options on the market. We will help you choose the tank size and find one that has the best efficiency ratings in your price bracket.

  1. Detailed Price Quote

Once you have chosen a water heater, we will give you a detailed and accurate price quote which will include everything from the price of your new system to labor costs and tax. The quote that you see before we begin is the price that you will pay at the end of the installation, guaranteed.

  1. Pre-Installation

Most of our customers are having their old water heaters replaced by something similar. This is the quickest scenario and can usually be completed in a couple of hours. If you are upgrading to a tankless system, it may take longer to do all of the conversions necessary to install the new system. Often, it is required to install additional water lines, vents, and electrical lines in order to correctly install the unit. We will remove your old system and clean up the area to ready it for your new system.

  1. Installation

We always respect your space and time during the installation process. We cover the area and make sure you are always treated with professionalism and kindness. We follow strict manufacturer guidelines to ensure a perfect installation every time, and we always test the system for proper function.

  1. After the Installation

After the installation, you will want to register your water heater and set up a preventative maintenance schedule with your technician. You can call us at any time if your water heater is not working as expected or you have any questions.

Water heaters are a necessary part of modern households, so they should be installed with care and professionalism. Call Jennings to have your installation scheduled today.


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