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Canton is a unique city, with a climate like no other. This means that homeowners in the area need to have an air conditioning solution that is as flexible as the weather and as individual as their homes. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are in the business of finding the perfect solutions for our Canton customers and delivering installation services that are matchless in our area. Our cooling solutions keep the heat at bay on the hottest days, and we also provide humidity control installations to counteract excess moisture in the air. Read on to find out more about our installation process and what you can expect from getting a new AC.

How Our Installation Process Works

While the installation process can be a lot of work and involve a lot of thought and effort, our goal is to put most of the burden on our own shoulders so that we can take it off of yours. We are here from your first phone call to help you make the decision to replace or upgrade your system, and we will be there even beyond the installation to help keep your new AC maintained and running well. The installation process at Jennings begins with deciding whether or not an AC installation is necessary.

Finding the Right Time to Install a New System

A new air conditioner is often needed when the old system has become more expensive to maintain than it would be to purchase a brand new AC. Old air conditioners can also put an unnecessary burden on your monthly budget by causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Some AC problems can also be difficult and expensive to fix, or the issue may be putting the health of your family at risk. Our technicians at Jennings will take the time to inspect your current system, and listen to your situation before letting you know whether a repair or a replacement is recommended.

Choosing the Right AC

When you install a new air conditioner, you have the chance to choose a system that has good efficiency ratings, is the correct size for your home, and has the reputation for excellence and dependability in the HVAC industry. We have experience with all different makes and models, and we know how to point you in the direction of a system that meets all of your needs for economical operation and exceptional cooling power. We offer cooling packages that make this even easier, and you can choose your new air conditioner based on efficiency, the degree of noise during operation, price, and more. We are proud that all of the systems we install use Puron® refrigerant which does not deplete the ozone.

Easy Scheduling

Once you have chosen the right air conditioning package, it is time to schedule an appointment for your installation. We want our scheduling process to be free of frustration which is why we make sure to put your convenience first. We will schedule the installation during a day and time that works for you, and we are committed to never being late for an appointment. We will arrive exactly when we are expected, and we come ready to work with everything we need for a successful installation.

Accurate Quotes

Before we install your new system, we will always take the time to go over the quote with you. Our quotes include everything that you will be responsible for after the installation, and we will never add any unexpected expenses to the final bill. You will know exactly how much you can expect to pay, and you will know where every dime of your money is going.

Installation and Clean-Up

On the day of the installation, we will start by removing your old system if you have one. We will then clean up the area to make sure it is ready for your new system, and cover your carpet to protect it. Next, we will check your air ducts, electrical system, and other external components. Once we are sure that everything is ready, we will install the new unit. After this, we perform quality control and inspect the entire system. Finally, we install and inspect your new thermostat and we clean the entire area again so that it looks like we were never there.

At Jennings, we care about the quality of our Canton installations. We are proud to be known as the most reliable and quality AC installation contractor in the area, and we live up to this reputation every day. Call us today to begin the process of getting your new system installed.

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