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Well, we are half way through the summer and we finally have caught a break from the heat and humidity. June through the middle of July was hot and wet and the garden (and weeds) took off! Our warmest day was July 17th (95 degrees).  The average daily high was 88 degrees.  With the cool down here at the beginning of August, we can enjoy the Ohio weather. When it’s good it’s great!

With all that rain last month, a number of our customers have had flooded basements and several have even been flooded out twice! Many wet basements had damaged furnaces and hot water tanks.

Unfortunately, another trend we are seeing is the theft of outside air conditioning units. Some folks have used chain link fencing to protect their outside units while others have purchased an alarm system. The alarm system attaches to the air conditioner and alerts if the copper lines are cut or the unit is moved. You can call our Service Department if interested on a price to have the system installed on your air conditioner.

Some of our customers are beginning to think Fall and are calling in to schedule furnace and boiler estimates for older equipment. The equipment available today has many options for higher efficiency and lower operating costs. Now is a great time to consider additional accessories such as humidifiers and air cleaners as well as programmable thermostats. We have also been running a special on Hot Water tanks.

With over half the summer left I hope you all have lots of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with family. Thanks for letting Jennings Heating be part of your day,


Mike Foraker, President, Jennings Heating Company Inc.