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In order to make sure that your home heating system is working properly year-round, you will need to have regular maintenance, which could include boiler service. Your boiler is what makes your home warm in the winter. It is also necessary in order to have hot water. With so many things to think about around the home, often we tend to forget about our boilers, and let them go by the wayside. Then, something happens that they stop working, and it is time to call in the experts in boiler service.

Why Your Boiler Needs Regular Service

When you maintain your boiler properly and make sure that it is serviced regularly, you are not going to have a lot of problems with it. Here are some excellent reasons to have regular boiler service performed:

  • Fewer repairs are needed – The better maintained anything is, the better it is going to work, and this goes for boilers as well. You don’t need to have your boiler serviced too frequently, once a year should suffice. If you have your boiler serviced annually, you will be able to find out about any problems and have them fixed before they turn into something worse and more expensive.
  • Keep heating costs down – Heating a home is not inexpensive, but there are ways you can cut back on your home heating costs, including annual boiler service. When your boiler is running efficiently, it is not going to cost as much to operate as one that is not functioning properly, and annual servicing will let you know if you need any repairs.
  • Avoid dangerous carbon monoxide emissions – If your boiler has not been installed properly by a professional, it can produce dangerous carbon monoxide. At the very least, members of your household could have headaches, feel tired, be nauseous, have stomach pains and other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. It can also be deadly. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled, so regular servicing of your boiler is important to be sure that there are no leaks.

Are You a Landlord?

If you are a landlord, you are required by law to have annual servicing done on boilers in your rental units. Whether you are renting out an apartment in your own home or you have other rental units, you are responsible for boiler service. Every rental property you own must have a current Gas Safety Certificate, which you can only get from Gas Safe Register approved engineers. When they do a gas safety check, you will be given a CP12 Inspection Certificate.

If you live in the Ohio area and you need boiler service, contact the experts at Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc. in Akron, Ohio. They can take care of all of your home heating and air conditioning needs, and make sure that your boiler is always running properly. Preventative maintenance is the key to a properly functioning boiler, and the experts at Jennings can help you save money and stay warm or cool all year long.