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Wow! This summer just seemed to fly by, and with the mild temps as of late it seems fall is eager to come on the scene.

The cooler weather has people thinking about the coming heating season and many are already calling us to have their heating equipment cleaned and checked to ensure it’s running properly before the first big drop in temperature. Remember to schedule your furnace tune-up soon to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold when the chill sets in!

 For those who have a furnace that is 15 years old or more, it may be time for a furnace upgrade. Your aging furnace may have been the best available at the time of install, but the equipment available to you now is much more efficient and smart! You ever hear that loud “Woosh” noise your furnace makes when it kicks on? With a new furnace that varies gas input as well as blower motor speed based on the outside weather conditions, your home can stay nice and quiet (at least the furnace will) allowing you to cozy up and fully enjoy the comforts of home. Also, if you’ve had issues with areas in your house being too cold while others are too warm, you may want to look into installing a zone system, which will allow for independent temperature settings on upper and lower levels. In addition to systems with these great features, Jennings also offers thermostats that allow for smart phone control of temperature settings as well as the selection of indoor air quality options. Whether you’ve decided this is the year to upgrade your home comfort system, or you just want to get a price so you will be ready when the time comes, go ahead and give us a call to schedule a home survey today.

In light of the cooler weather we’ve experienced this summer, our company has been warmed and blessed by great customers like you who recognize how hard our employee’s strive to keep your needs front and center at all times. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on what a great job our technicians, installers, salesmen or dispatcher do or note the extra mile that was taken on their behalf. We truly appreciate your loyalty and consider it a privilege to serve you and your families. As a business owner it is very rewarding to be able to offer a valuable service to customers and steady employment to great hard working employees. I especially want to thank the good Lord for providing his daily guidance.

As always, thank you for being the best customers around!

-Mike Foraker

*And of course, go Buckeyes and Browns!