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If all HVAC systems look the same to you, how can you possibly know which brand to buy? That’s easy — you can turn to the experts. They know which brands are the best in their fields, as well as what you need to know about a unit you’re considering.

Great Furnaces and Air Conditioners

When heating your home, these three companies offer top-of-the-line furnaces and air conditioners.

    • Carrier: This company, founded in New York, has been in the HVAC business for more than 100 years. It has since become a global company, providing products in more than 170 countries.
    • Amana: For decades, Amana has been a trusted name for home appliances and equipment. You’ll see this popular brand everywhere — it offers products like furnaces, dishwashers, clothing washers and dryers, and ovens. Amana offers a lifetime replacement on the compressor and heat exchanger for their HVAC units, which is the best in the industry.
    • Goodman: Goodman takes pride in designing, engineering, and assembling all its products in the U.S. Although the company is newer than the other two, having launched in 1975, it is committed to producing low-cost, high-quality units.

Important Aspects of an HVAC System

There are some terms you’ll need to know when looking at HVAC systems. Luckily, the top brands we’ve mentioned take all of these factors into consideration while producing their units.


SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is something the top brands are very concerned with. SEER is a measuring system that lets customers and industry experts know how efficiently an HVAC unit can perform.

That matters to you because having an efficient unit can save you money by using less energy to heat or cool your house. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient that unit. But it’s a balancing act because the higher the efficiency of the unit, the more that unit generally costs.

The minimum SEER number that is required for new HVAC units going into a home depends upon where you live.

To help customers find what they want and what best meets their needs, the top brands offer a wide range of products featuring different SEER ratings. Amana air conditioners, for instance, range from a SEER rating of 13 all the way up to 24.5. Likewise, Carrier’s new products all offer a minimum 13 SEER rating, and some of their products reach a SEER rating of more than 20.

Goodman is also doing their part to offer energy-efficient products, with a high-efficiency split system air conditioner that gets a 19 SEER rating.

Noise Control

We all want to be comfortable in our homes, but we want our ears to be comfortable, too. Nobody enjoys hearing their HVACs run.

Companies like Amana, Goodman, and Carrier pay attention to how loud their units are, measuring the decibels they put off. Since even a quiet unit can reach 69 decibels, this is an important consideration. Amana, for instance, produces air conditioners that range from 59 to 77 decibels.

If sound is a factor when choosing an HVAC for you, make sure to mention it to your HVAC-servicing company. They’ll help you find a quiet one among the top lines.

Size of Home

All of the top HVAC companies produce a wide range of products, capable of providing comfort for a small home or even a big one. If you get a unit designed for a small home when you have a big one, it will run more than it should and have a tough time keeping up.

To help determine which of the product lines offered by Amana, Goodman, or Carrier might be right for your the size of your home, talk to a Jennings technician.

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