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Put away the snow blower and get out the gardening tools! April is here and it’s great to see kids outside playing and folks out exercising (some run- I walk…fast). This rough winter will make the bloom of spring that much sweeter!

As warmer weather sets in be sure to get your cooling system ready for summer. A preseason air conditioning check will ensure that your system is ready for the humid days ahead. Your air conditioner transfers indoor heat to the outside by removing warm air from your home as it’s drawn across the coils in your AC unit, resulting in the cool, comfortable temperature you’ve come to expect. For this transfer to be efficient, the coils in your outdoor unit need to be professionally cleaned. Don’t wait until the hot weather is here to call for your air conditioning check. Call now and take advantage of our preseason special!

Change the furnace filter to increase cooling efficiency

In addition to having one of our technicians perform a preseason air conditioning check, one of the most cost effective maintenance items you can do is change the furnace filter. A dirty filter in the blower unit of the furnace is a common cause for a damaged cooling system. You may be wondering what the furnace has to do with cooler temperatures in your home; The answer is that the furnace and AC unit share the same blower and coil, so a dirty filter may result in: a burned out blower motor, a decrease in cooling efficiency and can cause moisture in your basement from a dripping coil, all of which ultimately lead to shortening the life of your air conditioning unit.

Below are a few more items to check off of your “between season” to do list in the next few weeks:

  • Turn off the humidifier: Warm weather will bring plenty of its own humidity and you don’t want too much of that heading into spring/summer. If you’ve forgotten to check this item off of your list before, perhaps it’s time to look into purchasing an outdoor air sensing humidifier as these models will add humidity as needed and automatically shut the unit down when it is no longer necessary.
  • Change the batteries: The change of seasons is a perfect time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and ensure your C02 detector is in working condition.
  • Have your gutters cleaned: Most leaves may have blown away, but a few are hanging out in your gutters, which may cause overflow resulting in a wet basement.
  • Change the oil: Before firing up your lawn mower for the first time this season, be sure to change the oil to avoid motor seize up or burn out.

April is a great month for renewal and hope. As nature all around us slowly awakens to the call of spring and the Easter Season is upon us, I hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy this time of year!

As always, thanks for allowing us to be your heating and cooling team, Mike Foraker