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Well, just a little over a month till spring! I am already planning out my garden in anticipation. I think after the winter we’ve had we should give ourselves a pat on the back for being hardy Ohioians and making it through an old-fashioned bone chilling winter.

Though we’ve been plunged into sub zero temperatures and thick snow or ice, some Jennings customers were prepared for the worst this year with the installation of a whole house generator. This means that should the lights (and heat) go out, these customers’ homes would remain bright and warm.

An outage of several hours usually isn’t a huge problem; you may light some candles, grab a few blankets and play board games until the power kicks on again. However, should the power outage continue for days, the resulting circumstances could be catastrophic. My daughter and son-in-law were without power for 10 days after the “Derecho” a few years ago. After one-week food was scarce, security was minimal and the temperature was unbearable.

To prevent finding yourself in a less than desirable situation should the lights go out, you might want to consider installing a whole house generator. The generator is operated by natural gas or propane and will automatically kick on when the electricity goes out. A whole house generator can be sized to operate only your essentials such as the furnace, lights, sump pump and medical devices while a larger unit could be used to operate kitchen appliances and even air conditioning. The natural gas which fuels the generator also provides a great source for backup energy. If the electric grid goes down, natural gas pipelines and the gas supply run independent of the electric utility and the underground lines are more protected from severe weather occurrences. If you want to be prepared for the unexpected, you may want to think about being in the market for one of these generators.

I would like to thank our dedicated employees for putting in many long hours and braving some very frigid temperatures to keep our customers warm in times of severe weather and extreme cold. I would especially like to thank you, our customers, for allowing us the opportunity to earn your business.

Think Spring!

– Mike Foraker