As the last few weeks of winter weather fade away, before you know it you will be turning on your air conditioner for the first time since last season. Before the temperatures really start to heat up, have it professionally serviced and inspected as part of its regular maintenance. This way any minor hiccups can be addressed before you need your air conditioning the most. For optimal performance all summer long, call us for a complete tune-up this spring.


Every year your air conditioning loses a little more efficiency. You can slow this rate of decline by scheduling a yearly tune-up with a certified professional. At Jennings, we will have all the tools necessary to inspect, repair, and fine-tune your unit. After we are finished, your air conditioner will have the best chance at providing you with safe and effective cooling this summer. 

What is included in a Jennings air conditioning tune-up? A trained and professional technician will arrive to your home and perform the following:

  • Clean and lubricate internal mechanics.
  • Inspect compressor and fan.
  • Ensure adequate airflow throughout system.
  • Calibrate the thermostat.
  • Check electrical wires, connections, etc.
  • Measure fluid levels and check for leaks.
  • Search for signs of wear and tear.

Even if your unit is a year old, it can benefit from this vital maintenance. Much like a vehicle, your air conditioner will run best when it is regularly cared for. Neglected maintenance will result in a shorter lifespan, more frequent repair needs, diminished efficiency, and fewer comfortable days for you. Give your air conditioner the best shot at a long life by calling us today for service.


While a tune-up is critical for the overall health and efficiency of your air conditioner, there are other ways you can help maintain your unit throughout the year. Before powering up your air conditioner this spring, check around the outdoor unit for accumulated debris, leaves, overgrown bushes, and anything else that could be restricting airflow to the unit. You may want to continue to keep an eye on these things throughout the summer as well, especially after a windy day.

Next, you can replace the air filter to ensure adequate internal airflow. The air filter should be exchanged every 1 to 3 months depending on several factors. If there are pets in the home or if allergies are an issue, then an exchange every 1 to 2 months is best. Before heading to the store, remember to grab measurements on your current air filter so you choose the right size for your particular unit. 

The MERV rating is the other number you will need to pay attention to when choosing an air filter. This number indicates what size particle and what percentage of the particles it will filter out of the air. The lower numbers filter only large particles like allergens and dust, and will only filter a low percentage of them at that. Higher MERV ratings filter out small particles like smoke, viruses, mold, and more. Plus, they will filter out a higher percentage of all types of particles as the air passes through the filter. HEPA filters are generally too restrictive for a typical residential HVAC system. If you are having trouble deciding on a filter, our specialists can help you find the right filter for your system and air quality goals.

Lastly, you can maintain your air conditioner by calling a professional any time you notice an irregularity with your unit and its functioning. Has it suddenly ceased providing enough cool air for your home? Is the unit leaking? Is it making any strange noises or smell odd when you run your air conditioning? Many of these problems can be mitigated and solved by our experts before permanent damage occurs. Don’t hesitate to call about any issue with your air conditioner. We want you to enjoy the benefits of cooling comfort and safe indoor temperatures when the summer sun is beating down on Akron.

We know in the busyness of life, a service check may get missed or a total replacement sneaks up on you sooner than you expect. When you join Jennings Rewards Club, you can rest assured knowing your systems are always cared for. Your unit is made a top priority when something goes wrong and it needs repair. Members also receive annual credit toward a future installation when it is time to replace. Talk to our service team about membership options at your next tune-up to support your home systems even further.


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