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No one ever wants to think about their heating system breaking, but it does happen. Very often it happens at the worst of times. Of course, there’s never a good time for your heating system to stop working.

If you are in need of furnace or boiler repair think of Jennings Heating and Cooling in Akron, OH.  In business since 1931, we are here for all of your heating and cooling needs. If you find your furnace isn’t working as well as it should, you need to have repairs done as soon as possible for several reasons.

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When a heating unit is not working properly, you will find that your heat bills go up and up and up with no end in sight. This is due to the fact that your heater is having to work much harder to put out warm air. Gas and electric prices are high enough as it is. The last thing you want to do is pay more than you should due to a badly running furnace.


Even more importantly than over spending on heating costs, is the safety of your family. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we are a family company, so we understand just how important the safety of your family is to you. When a heating unit is not functioning correctly, it can create carbon monoxide that can leak into your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is deadly. It’s always a good idea to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home just as you would a smoke detector.


Let’s face it, when your home is cold no one is happy. An improperly working heating unit will have difficulty keeping your home the temperature that you want. When it is cold outside, you and your family want it to be warm and cozy inside. When it’s not, you’ll hear about it.  Call Jennings Heating and Cooling when you need furnace or boiler repair.


Before a heater completely shuts down, there may be a few warning signs that may be trying to alert you to a system repair need. When something seems off about your heater or you haven’t been satisfied with its output for a while, don’t hesitate to get it checked out. The sooner a heater is serviced, the more likely it is that a professional can save it.

When you notice any of the following warning signs, call us immediately for heater repair:

  • It takes much longer to reach your ideal temperature than it used to.
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing but you haven’t increased your usage.
  • Your unit is making strange noises while in operation.
  • You can smell a burning smell when your unit is in operation.
  • Your breaker keeps flipping when your unit kicks on.
  • Your unit is leaking.
  • The pilot light is yellow or red instead of blue.
  • The pilot light struggles to stay lit.
  • The thermostat seems to be malfunctioning.

Many times, a quick repair from a qualified professional can keep a heater running for another season or few seasons. If your heater is reaching the end of its lifespan, a replacement may be worth considering. However, if your heater is on the newer side, normally a repair is all it will need.

If your unit is still under warranty and you have kept up on regular professional maintenance, the repair may not cost you very much, if anything at all. Ask about your coverage before repair work begins.


Leaking water is never a good sign when it comes to any heating device. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, or other type of heater, leaks should be immediately addressed to minimize water damage and strain on your unit. Here are a few reasons why your heater could be leaking:

With a furnace: The humidifier is leaking, the vent pipes are leaking, condensate drain is blocked, or the secondary heat exchanger is faulty.

With a boiler: The temperature or pressure settings are too high, the pipes have corroded, the expansion tank has failed, the joints have loosened, there is general wear and tear, or original installation was poor.

If your furnace or boiler is leaking, don’t attempt to repair it on your own. Only a professional should handle this type of repair to prevent injury or further damage. The best way to prevent leaks is by having a regular maintenance inspection every year with our experts.

Why Jennings?

Jennings Heating and Cooling has over 80 years of experience. With over 25,000 satisfied customers, you can count on Jennings to serve all of your heating repair needs. All of our technicians are NATE Certified and have experience in all aspects of heating repair.

In addition, we are an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, and the BBB has given us an overall rating of A+.

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