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It’s a cold morning, and you shiver as you get out of bed. Running to the thermostat, you begin to realize how cold your house is, and you can’t wait to turn up the temperature and hear the furnace turn on again. Then you see that the inside temperature is 52 degrees. The furnace isn’t running, and no matter what you do, it won’t start. This is a Jennings moment! At Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc., we are ready and able to come and service your furnace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no good time for your furnace to break, and it usually doesn’t happen during office hours. We understand that, and stand ready to help you. We don’t even charge an emergency fee for off hours work.

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How to avoid the Jennings Moment

You can avoid the panic of your furnace going out at the worst possible time, by having it serviced regularly. At Jennings, we perform preventive maintenance on the more than 100 parts in your furnace and look for the more than 50 things that can go wrong with it. By replacing worn parts while the furnace is still operational, you can avoid the Jennings Moment.

You can also help preserve the life of your furnace by regularly replacing the air filter and checking the pilot light on a gas-powered unit between service checks. A pilot light, as well as the burners, should burn at a bright blue color. Red or orange flames may indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to the health of you, your family, and any pets in the home.

An air filter should be replaced every few months, or more often for the sake of allergy sufferers or if there are pets in the home. When choosing an air filter, pay attention to the MERV rating, or the number associated with the filter, as well as the size of the filter. Not all air filters will fit your unit, so measure before you head to the store.

A typical residential filter will have a MERV rating between 4 and 15. The higher the rating, the more particles and the smaller the particle it will filter out of the air. If allergies, viruses, mold, and bacteria concern you, choose a filter with a rating of 12 or higher. At your next service check, ask our professionals which air filter is the best for your home and needs.

Services available to homeowners and businesses

Heating Specialists

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Oil to Gas Conversion Specialists
  • Electric to Gas Conversion Specialists
  • Expert Troubleshooting & Diagnosis for both Warm Air & Hydronic (Hot Water & Steam)Systems by NATE Certified Technicians
  • Complete Sheet Metal Fabrications & Installations
  • Humidification And Filtration Systems Installed

24/7 Emergency Service

  • with no Emergency Fees 365 days a year

Cooling Specialists

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Central Air installations
  • Air conditioning troubleshooting including Refrigerant Leak Detection. We follow strict EPA refrigerant guidelines, and our NATE Certified technicians are EPA registered and certified.
  • Humidity control

Fast service & affordable maintenance

  • Experience the Jennings difference

Trusted, honest advice.

  • Schedule a consultation anytime to discuss your heating and cooling challenges.Our over 25,000 customers prove our integrity and knowledge. Every home or office has its own concerns. Perhaps you would like to discuss your comfort challenges like climate control, humidity concerns, or filtration. Are you concerned about Carbon Monoxide Detection, or possible Violation Corrections?

The highest quality, cutting edge equipment available

  • We sell the best. Our 80+ years of experience tell us that it is essential to stay with state-of-the-art equipment.

Energy savings

  • We can do an energy savings cost analysis for you. We’ve been helping customers save money and choose the best and most efficient equipment available for years. Our Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner and BBB A+ rating attest to our honesty and integrity.

Service Rewards Club

Preventative maintenance on your furnace and air conditioning unit can extend the useful life of the equipment. By replacing worn parts before they become a problem, you also avoid the possibility of them causing damage to your unit or to other parts in it. That is why we offer special programs to our customers to encourage regular furnace checkups. We have two rewards programs available – Platinum Rewards Club and Silver Rewards Club. With these you will gain:

  • Energy savings
  • Front of the line response
  • Multiple discounts
  • Service reliability
  • A safer home
  • Increased comfort

Our Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. When we give you an estimate before work begins, you will not find any fine print. This is the final price you will pay in the end — guaranteed.

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