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Jennings Heating is your full-service heating contractor for furnace sales in Akron, Ohio. As a full-service provider, we won’t just sell you a furnace. At Jennings, we’re committed to thoroughly evaluating your heating needs, providing the highest quality furnace, and establishing a long-term relationship for ongoing furnace maintenance to your complete satisfaction.

Thorough evaluation

technician-replacing-furnace-filterJennings has provided furnace sales in Akron and all of northeastern Ohio Since 1931. We’ve seen the transition from dirty coal combustion boilers to the most technologically advanced, computer-monitored, clean-operating, complete temperature control systems.

With this experience, we are the best-qualified heating contractor to evaluate your heating needs. At Jennings, our expert technicians will thoroughly evaluate your needs and the constraints of your home to recommend the most efficient, cost-effective, and top-quality components needed to heat your home.

Highest-quality products

Jennings Heating works with the top names in the furnace industry. Whether you’re looking to completely replace an older boiler system; make the move to a greener, Energy-Star-rated furnace; or just need to replace a 10-year-old or too-small capacity electric furnace; our technicians will recommend the best furnace for the job. Furnace sales are the backbone of our company however, we will not sell inferior products to boost long-term or require more frequent repeat sales. The products we recommend and install are the best available. With proper care and maintenance, we expect them to last for years.


When a homeowner needs to replace their old furnace, we typically help them choose a similar model to their current unit for ease of installation. Sometimes making a switch from electric to gas can help a homeowner save on monthly heating costs, as gas utility costs are generally cheaper than electric utility costs. While the upfront cost of adding in a gas line and proper ventilation can be more than a typical replacement, it may end up saving more in the long term. If this interests you, we can work with you to make it happen.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you decide what type of heating system is best for your home. At Jennings, we have installed a wide range of furnace types to meet any need. When you work with us, you can choose between:

  • An electric powered furnace
  • A gas powered furnace
  • An oil powered furnace
  • A propane powered furnace
  • A wall furnace
  • Or a floor furnace

Most modern homes are built with forced air ventilation systems that can support electric, gas, oil, or propane powered furnaces. One of our experts will assess your current system and recommend the best options to fit your home and heating needs. For those who want clean heating, a propane styled furnace will be the most efficient.

If your home is currently operating with an alternative heating method, such as baseboard heaters or a pellet stove, and you want to upgrade to a whole-home furnace system, our qualified technicians can examine your home to see if it can support a forced air system. Some homes may be limited on what types of furnaces they can house with the space and ventilation requirements of some models. If a forced air styled furnace isn’t the right fit for your home, we can provide alternative options to get your home meeting your comfort goals as quickly as possible.

Are you planning on building an addition to your home or a separate bonus room in your backyard? Floor or wall furnaces may be easier to install than extending the ventilation out to the new portion of the home. Our professionals can walk you through the best process and style of heating for any space or bonus room you are wanting to improve.

Whether you need a similar replacement for a worn-out furnace or you are wanting to completely upgrade your current heating system, Jennings has got you covered.

Ongoing support

At Jennings Heating, we offer more than just furnace sales. You could go to a big box store to buy a furnace. But will that big box store stand behind their product once installed? In addition to recommending and installing only the highest-quality furnace products, Jennings Heating is just a phone call away for 24-hour emergency repairs, trouble-shooting, and regular maintenance. Who better to get your heating system back online or operating in tip-top condition than the technicians who installed it? At Jennings, furnace sales come with a commitment to ongoing support.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

With over 80 years of dedicated service and over 25,000 satisfied customers, we’ve built a strong reputation as the heating contractor you can trust. At Jennings Heating, we want to earn your business. Our commitment to quality and customer service is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our company goal is to keep you “MORE THAN SATISFIED”.

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When you’re ready to buy a furnace, contact Jennings Heating. We’ll provide a complete heating-needs evaluation, recommend only the best heating products, and be here after installation to support you. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Contact Jennings today.


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