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Do you suspect your furnace may not be working like it should? Whether you’re feeling chilly on a cold night, or your utility bills keep climbing, the expert technicians at Jennings Heating and Cooling can handle any of your furnace repair needs in Akron, Ohio. Since 1931 in Northeast Ohio, our NATE Certified technicians can diagnose and repair any problem your furnace may have.

Common Furnace Problems

Here are some common problems that you may be experiencing with your furnace:

  • Ignition control / Pilot light: When the pilot light or ignition control is not functioning properly on your furnace, the result can be intermittent heat or no heat at all. If in doubt, give Jennings a call.
  • Filters: Over time, filters can become dirty or clogged. If this happens, the air flow will be minimized and you may find that rooms in your home are not as warm as they should be. In addition, this can cause your furnace to work harder than it should. The result will be higher utility bills.
  • Air Flow: Beyond dirty and clogged filters, air flow can be impacted by worn out belts, bearings, and fan motors. If this is the case, they can cause your furnace to overheat. Our NATE Certified technicians will check all of your furnace’s belts, bearings, and fan motor to determine if they are the root of the problem.
  • Thermostat: If your thermostat has a malfunction, the result can be issues with the fan—blowing the air from room to room, or no heat at all. Also, you may find that the room temperature is not comfortable for you and your family.
  • Maintenance: Just like your car needs the oil changed and regular maintenance from time to time to keep it running well, so does your furnace. If you haven’t had yearly maintenance for your furnace, you may find that it stops working when you need it the most. This can lead to higher energy expense, discomfort for you and your family, and general frustration.

If you can’t pin down the problem—no worries! Contact us to schedule an appointment.


You can count on Jennings technicians to provide you with the utmost quality, care, and service no matter the call. Our trained professionals stay up to date on the latest best practices when it comes to the technical side of your machinery, as well as in personal customer care. When you call Jennings for service, you know a friendly, knowledgeable, and honest technician will arrive at your doorstep every time.

Our experts are ready to tackle any problem as soon as they arrive at your home. With their “warehouse on wheels”, they are stocked with all the tools they need to complete the job. We promise 100% customer satisfaction on any job. If a problem arises, we will work diligently to solve it.

When your furnace needs repair, a trained and certified technician from Jennings will thoroughly inspect your unit to uncover the problem. They will then offer solutions to resolve the issue at hand. Depending on the problem, there may be a few different options for resolution. The technician will do their best to explain the malfunction and how to fix it so you can feel informed and confident over your choice for the fate of the unit.

Whether it needs a quick fix or total replacement, the pros at Jennings won’t pressure you into the most expensive decision. We don’t have a hidden agenda. We are here to help you make the best decision for your home and family.

We have seen and worked on just about every heating and cooling system still in operation. When it comes to expert service and advice on even the most ancient or complicated of units, you won’t find anyone else more experienced in the Akron area than the pros at Jennings. The next time your furnace is in need of repair, look no further than the experts at Jennings for quick and professional service.


The best way to prevent furnace failure and system breakdowns is by scheduling an annual tune-up with a Jennings professional. We will thoroughly inspect, clean, and repair your furnace to make sure it runs great all winter long.

Each year your system loses efficiency. You can slow this loss by keeping up on maintenance and regularly replacing the air filter between service checks. Avoid major part failure and frequent repair needs by setting up a maintenance check today.

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When it comes to Akron, Ohio furnace repair, Jennings Heating and Cooling offers the absolute best and most reliable service. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you with all and any repair needs. Please complete the form to request an appointment!


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