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It’s a cold winter morning, and you jump out of your warm bed to be blasted by an arctic wave of frigid air. Tapping the thermostat does nothing and it dawns on you that the furnace is not working. It’s time for a call to Jennings Heating and Cooling.

Jennings offers 24/7 emergency service to ensure your comfort and safety is always put at the front of the line. Plus, we don’t charge extra for after-hours emergency calls!


Installing Your New Furnace

When you need a new furnace, rest assured that Jennings sells only the highest quality, cutting edge equipment available. Your new furnace will be energy efficient and easily maintainable. Our well trained technicians will professionally install it for you in a timely manner and remove your old furnace. Installing a new furnace is a great opportunity to:

  • Improve comfort
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Decrease energy costs


You may not have planned for a new furnace installation when yours calls it quits. Sometimes a furnace replacement can be unexpected. Other times, a furnace will give warning signs that you may want to start preparing for this extra expense.

You may need a new furnace if:

  • Your furnace is 15-20 years old.
  • Your heating bills have recently skyrocketed.
  • There has been a failure of a major motor part.
  • Efficiency has dwindled beyond effectiveness.
  • Your furnace runs all day with little to no change in temperature.
  • The burners and pilot light are malfunctioning.

If your technician spots signs of wear and tear during your furnace’s annual tune-up, they will let you know if repair is viable or if a total replacement makes more financial sense. With regular checkups on your furnace, you can have a heads up as to when your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan and usefulness.

Running an old furnace is not only inefficient, it can be dangerous as well. If a pilot light or gas burner is failing, it can be emitting odorless carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if not caught soon enough. Keep a working carbon monoxide detector close to your furnace to prevent injury.

Feel safe using your heater again and benefit from a cozy and comfortable indoor environment all winter long with a new furnace installation by our Jennings experts.

Our Award-Winning Services

We offer everything you need to keep the temperature in your home comfortable:

Since the furnace and air conditioner use many of the same parts in your HVAC system, replacing both at the same time may be beneficial. If it’s time to replace your furnace and your air conditioner is nearing its 10-year lifespan as well, you can save money on installation costs by replacing both together.

With a whole new system in place, you will benefit from efficient functioning no matter what you are running throughout the year. Operating a new furnace with old air conditioner parts still in your system can reduce your furnace’s efficiency more than you think. The best part about a new furnace is how quickly it heats your home compared to the older unit. Give it the best start by installing a whole new clean and efficient system with Jennings.

Extend the Life of Your Furnace

With your busy schedule, time comes and goes so quickly that it is hard to remember to schedule your maintenance checkups, and before you know it you have a poorly functioning furnace that needs much more than a simple checkup or repair. Sign up for our Rewards Club to save money and extend the life of your equipment.

A well maintained heating and cooling system:

  • Lasts years longer than a system that is not maintained
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Saves energy
  • Contributes to a healthy and safe living environment
  • Optimizes the comfort of your home

Our trained and certified experts will treat your home and systems as if they were our own. They will thoroughly examine machinery of your machinery to make sure it is working as optimally as possible. Just like with vehicle maintenance, a furnace tune-up helps prevent sudden breakdowns, keeps you ahead on necessary repairs, and keeps the motor reliably running.

When you schedule maintenance with Jennings, you know your furnace is receiving the best care and attention it can get. Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of all heating systems, so we know exactly what to look for no matter the brand or style of your furnace. With Jennings, you will gain knowledgeable advice, fair pricing on repairs and replacements, and customer service that goes above and beyond a typical house call. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose when it comes to repair, replacement, or maintenance with the Jennings experts.

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