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Many appliances, fixtures, and day to day activities in your home rely on the proper functioning of your residential electrical system. Whether your electrical system is malfunctioning, part of it is not working at all, or there are safety concerns present, Jennings professionals are ready to provide comprehensive electrical services to restore full functioning of your electrical system.


Our highly trained, certified, and experienced electricians can handle your next electrical project, whether it is a simple fixture installation or a complicated whole-home rewiring job. If your electrical is giving you troubles or you have an immediate concern, don’t search online for “electrician near me,” simply call Jennings for prompt service.


Electrical inspections are an important procedure for the safety and security of any home’s electrical system. Older homes may be especially susceptible to electrical fires, failures, and electrical shock as the wires, connections, and insulation age. Many outdated wiring techniques may be present in Akron homes, and should be replaced as soon as possible for the safety of those dwelling in the homes.

If you are unsure of the inspection history of the electrical system in your home or it has been a while since your last inspection, your system may be overdue for a professional look. Contact our local experts today for a comprehensive and professional examination.


Aluminum wires and older knob and tube configurations are now considered unsafe for modern use. These types of electrical systems have been known to start electrical fires, which may or not be covered under your insurance.

Protect yourself and your home with an up to code rewiring of your home by our qualified licensed technicians. We will complete this important work without creating too much of a disturbance to your home and belongings. Our residential electricians work quickly and effectively so you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.


Another important feature of your electrical system is your electrical panel. As technologies improve and we put increased demands on our electrical systems, your panel may fail to keep up and become outdated.

If breakers are constantly being triggered on your panel, it may be a simple solution of rerouting wires so certain breakers aren’t getting as overloaded. Other times, a complete replacement of your panel may be necessary. Our electricians in your area can come inspect your panel and give expert recommendations to better accommodate your home’s electrical needs, including the installation of a surge protector to help prevent harmful surges from damaging your system and connected devices.


Outlets give us access to our electrical systems, but they can also leave the system vulnerable to external threats. Modern homes now use three-prong outlets with a grounding rod for increased safety. GFCI outlets are also standard in rooms with water sources nearby, such as a laundry room, kitchen, garage, or bathroom. If your home is missing these safer outlets, you may want to call for an upgrade sooner rather than later.

Other outlet issues we handle include repairing dead outlets, replacing outlets that spark or cause arcing when in use, and installing smart outlets for improving home automation.


Lighting and fixture installations can get complicated fast. For safe, secure, and professional installations, call the experts at Jennings today. Our residential electricians near you will ensure appropriate reinforcements are in place for heavier fixtures and that all electrical wiring is properly connected before completing the job.

Whether you want to refresh the outdated fixtures in your home or install new lighting to brighten up a dark space in your home, our certified electricians are ready to help. We are experienced with a range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including LED lights, smart lights, ceiling fans, security lighting, and more.


Electrical failure isn’t something you want to wait until the next business day to repair.  You need your electrical system for many tasks and activities around your home. Whether you have an unexplained electrical failure or your system has caused a fire or other emergency, we are available 24/7 to take your call. If you’re looking for an  emergency electrician near you after an outage or other failure, just give Jennings a call. 


When power is out in Akron, you may not know when it will be restored. It can be a few minutes, or your home may be without power for days. Is your home protected?

Don’t get caught in a storm without power again. Learn about in-stock whole home and backup generator options with our experts to find the best model for your home and needs. Our experienced technicians can even install and maintain your generator so it is always ready to go when needed. We are in your area!


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