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If you’ve been living with an air conditioning unit or home system that isn’t functioning right, you’ll want to look into repairs. Summers in Northeast Ohio can be excruciating and going even part of a summer without a properly functioning air conditioning system can make your home life miserable. Not to mention, people can suffer serious problems resulting from extremely high temperatures and heat indexes. In fact, even if your air conditioner is working properly, you should consider getting a check up to prevent any problems that may arise. Often times, maintenance can avoid you having to pay for costly repair expenses.

Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair

When summer heat reaches its peak, you won’t be able to rely on just the air circulation from fans to cool your home. For the safety of your family, and even your pets, it is your responsibility to maintain a properly functioning air conditioning system. Even a poorly running or barely operating system should be fixed, too. Not only will it be more expensive to fix in the long run, but it will cost you more on your electricity bill. If your air conditioning system is not operating properly, you will be spending more to run the unit then if it were working correctly.

Reports indicate that an unmaintained air conditioner loses around 5% of the original operating capability and functionality per year. That’s only if nothing goes wrong with it, too. To prevent this from happening, or further costly repairs, you should have your AC unit checked on a regular, annual basis.

Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

To help avoid costly residential air conditioning repairs, you should schedule an annual tune up and health check on the air conditioning system in your home. Some things you will want to have done include cleaning and condensing the unit coils, oiling and lubing the fan motors, maintaining the belts, monitoring the amp draw of the compressor, and doing an overall check of the temperatures and functionality of the unit.

You can also help maintain your air conditioner by doing simple things, like changing the filters when needed. This applies no matter whether you have a Goodman, Amana, Bryant or other type of AC unit. But these three are our most popular and trusted names in air conditioning.

Getting Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to getting your ac unit serviced or repaired in Northeast Ohio, go with the trusted name. Go with Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc. Located in Akron, Jennings has been servicing Northeast Ohio residents Since 1931, now, from Barberton to Canton to Tallmadge, and all points in between. We pride ourselves on being the company to call for your heating and cooling needs.

So, don’t put off your air conditioning system needs for another day. Give us a call so we can service or repair your unit and make your summer more bearable.