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Like most mechanical devices, your HVAC system needs attention and timely maintenance. Most people only repair HVAC systems as soon as they fail, but this move is inappropriate, primarily when numerous people rely on the HVAC system to perform various daily tasks. Taking an extra step to understand the HVAC system can help you adopt proper maintenance procedures.

However, preventive maintenance encompasses many issues that affect your habits as you use an HVAC system. The proper maintenance habits can help you obtain an HVAC system that is durable, efficient, and cost-effective. This piece examines a few essential maintenance tips for an HVAC system.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters trap the dust, allergens, and debris that can contaminate the air that circulates your household. If you understand the basics of air filters, you have the motivation to minimize the dust and materials that accumulate in them.

Air filters clean the air that enters the cooling and heating systems. They trap the contaminants and particulate matter to ensure that the air circulating in your home is clean. Suppose you do not clean or replace the filters — the contaminants clog the filters, and the AC system has to consume more power to circulate air, which in turn increases your home’s energy consumption.

Clean Furnaces

Cleaning the furnace is an essential task that helps you keep the HVAC system in optimal working condition. The furnace helps heat your home but also removes dust and dirt. If you do not keep the furnace clean, it might distribute some of these materials around your home. Therefore, clean the furnace as part of your HVAC maintenance schedule.

The best approach is to seek professional help. However, did you know that some maintenance issues are easy to solve without relying on professionals? After a while, you can master the rate of dirt accumulation and clean the system at specified intervals.

Clean Condenser Coils

You will find condenser coils inside the outdoor unit of your AC system, and their primary role is to condense the refrigerant. If the coil has dust and dirt, it cannot effectively release the heat. Dirty condenser coils work harder and longer to maintain temperature requirements in the HVAC system. Therefore, dirty condensers shorten the life of your HVAC system.

Condensers receive high-pressure gas from the compressor and change it to liquid. This heat transfer process is essential to help you regulate the internal temperatures of your premises.

Cleaning the condenser coils is a straightforward process. All you need to do is brush away debris around the coils and clean them with a hose and a soft brush.

Clean Drains

Your condenser drains play a significant role in the HVAC system. Mold and algae might clog the condensate drain, increase humidity in your home, and pose serious HVAC problems. The best way to get around this issue is to pour water and bleach into the drain.

The cleaning process involves turning off the conditioner and locating the drain line. The next step is to establish the access point for the drain line and check for any blockages. Repeating this process every month helps eliminate harmful bacteria and keeps your HVAC system performing optimally. You could also vacuum the system to remove dirt and debris.

HVAC systems require timely preventive maintenance. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, we can help your business or household adopt the best HVAC maintenance practices. These maintenance practices go a long way in helping increase your home’s or business’s energy efficiency and the reliability and durability of the HVAC system. Do not wait till your HVAC System develops chronic issues — contact our team today for a maintenance check.