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Rain and Heat, everything we need to make the garden grow as well as the weeds! All the humidity makes the temperature feel warmer than it would seem otherwise. A properly sized air conditioner will pull gallons of water out of your home on just such a day. If you notice any water on the floor around your furnace, it may be caused by a leaking coil or plugged drain and you would want to call for service. When you hear water dripping out of the small black or white plastic drain line and into the floor drain, that’s a good thing and it means your air conditioning system is removing the moisture as it was designed to do.

We have customers stop into our showroom and” kick the tires” on the new air conditioners. The very High efficiency units with a high SEER rating (16 SEER and up) have an option for 2-Stage cooling. This allows the air conditioner to run at a lower speed, lengthening the run time during these “muggy days” which really reduces the humidity level in your home.  The very highly efficient new systems can be equipped with a “SYNC” which allows the Air conditioner to communicate with the Thermostat and Air handler/furnace to adjust the system speed, maximizing comfort by lowering humidity as well as noise.

The Communicating Thermostat can be controlled remotely using your Smart Phone or device via an App.

SEER rating mentioned above is a measurement of the efficiency of your cooling system. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy the system requires to cool your home.

Communicating Thermostat also mentioned above, establishes a connection between the different components in your comfort system, to optimize comfort, performance and efficiency.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July; we are so blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth!

Thanks again from all of us at Jennings Heating to you, our customer.

Mike Foraker, President