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We’re all familiar with the idea of power outages, whether a tree has fallen onto the power line, an accident at the local substation, or even a lightning strike in your area could have caused the issue. But many people don’t realize that these events can be pretty common and, more often than not, happen at inconvenient times.

Routine maintenance has been neglected.

The first and most obvious reason your Generac generator will not start is that it’s not getting regular maintenance. Routine inspections and maintenance are essential to keep your generator running smoothly, as they can help you avoid costly repairs or even dangerous situations. If you don’t have an annual inspection done on your generator, then you should be prepared to pay more than just the cost of gas to get it back up and running again.

  • What makes it so important?: Are you saving money by neglecting regular upkeep? Or do you have to replace parts every few months instead of once every few years?
  • If routine maintenance sounds like something that will save money over time but still seems difficult or expensive (or both), then we’re here for you! We are ready to serve you and the rest of the Akron, OH, area. You can contact us on our website here.

The electrical connections have not been connected properly.

You might have connected the generator to your home’s electrical panel if you performed your own backup generator installation. But, if you haven’t ensured that everything is tightly secured and installed correctly, you may be unable to use it. Double-check the connections for damage, corrosion, and loose wires. Make sure that all connectors are firmly tightened and properly seated. Damaged connectors will prevent the generator from starting up properly. Also, look for worn or broken wires; these can cause problems when connecting the generator to its power source in your home’s electrical panel (or elsewhere). If you come to find that you need assistance or advice regarding your generator or other electrical work, visit our service page.

Every year, there are thousands of people injured by generators. Using caution when operating a generator is the best way to prevent injuries. Always keep a safe distance from the generator and its exhaust fumes, which can be harmful if inhaled or ingested. 

The system’s fluids are not at the correct levels.

If a generator is not operating correctly, it could be because of low or high oil levels. If the oil levels become too low, the engine will overheat and not run properly. Similarly, if the fluids are too high in your generator, it will also have trouble running.

To check for proper oil levels:

  • Place a dipstick into the dipstick tube (usually located under or near your battery/fuel tank). You should see markings representing what number to read at each spot along the stick—in most cases, there will be five different marks on this device.
  • Pull out your dipstick and look at the bottom; this is where you’ll find readings showing how much oil is in each section of your generator’s system (the distance between two lines indicates how much fluid has been used).

If you have installed your backup generator and it is not working correctly, consider calling a professional to assist you.

If you have installed your backup generator and it is not working correctly, consider calling a professional to assist you. A professional can help you troubleshoot the issue and maintain your system. We are experts at the installation of Briggs and Stratton generators and we service and repair all brands. If you live near Akron, OH, visit our contact page to let us know how we can help you get your generator running.


A home backup generator makes an excellent investment, but it’s not without flaws. If you’re considering purchasing one, it can be helpful to know about the potential problems you may face and how to troubleshoot them so that everything runs smoothly. Having a professional and knowledgeable generator service company by your side will also be extremely helpful in ensuring your generator is always ready to run.