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3 Benefits of a Whole-House Generator

Power outages can be fun when you’re a kid as it’s an opportunity to use a flashlight to find your way around the house. As an adult, power outages have a different meaning, especially if you’ve been without power for more than a few hours at one time.

A whole-house generator might be the best solution to ensure that you’re not without power in the future, which means you can continue to protect your family and your house. Here are the 3 benefits of having a whole-house generator.

1. Stay comfortable

When you have a whole-house generator you can keep your northeast Ohio house cool when it’s hot outside. You can stay warm when it’s cold outside. And you can do this without having to worry about other appliances that might need the power.

The food you have in your fridge & freezer won’t go to waste no matter how long the power outage is in your area. (did you know that food spoils after 4 hours in a refrigerator with no power, after 24 hours in a half full freezer and 48 hours in a full freezer as long as the doors stay shut the whole time?)

Which means having a generator will not only save you money by not throwing out the spoiled food, you can also continue to feed your family fresh food the whole time.

Don’t forget the power needed to continue working from home, being entertained or using your phone. No matter what the need, we have so many tools and appliances that rely on power out of necessity and entertainment.

2. Protect Your Family

Unfortunately, criminal activity is more likely to happen during an extended blackout so you can eliminate the worry related to staying safe that comes after a power outage with your own whole-house generator. With the generator, your house alarm systems can stay on, lights can stay on, and that means your house can stay protected.

You can eliminate the worry about family members not being able to power their home medical devices, or even walk around the house safely without the risk of tripping or failing due to not being able to see their way.

3. Protect your house

Most likely your biggest financial asset is your home. So beyond the need to stay comfortable and to keep your family safe, having a whole-house generator can protect your house. When you keep the heater working during the cold months we have here in Akron, you prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

A power outage can also stop your sump pump from working which might create flooding in the basement. Having a generator will save you from thousands of dollars in expenses from repairing the damaged property whether from basement flooding or burst pipes throughout the house.

At Jennings Heating & Cooling we have generators available and ready to install! Our experts can help you consider the right backup generator for your home based on the size of your home, your power needs and your budget. When you’re ready to keep your home protected with a whole-house generator give us a call today 330-784-1286. Save $500 when you join our rewards club with your generator installation.

In addition to generator installation, Jennings Heating and Cooling also offers generator repair services with our team of professionals that are here to help you.